Ginny is TWO months old

How did this happen? How did we go from “weeks” to MONTHS?

Don’t apply math or logic to that question folks. It was somewhat rhetorical. and besides I haven’t had a lot of sleep. I’m not even sure I am currently safe to use a word like rhetorical. It may be damaging to someone in my current state of consciousness.

Anyway, Ginny turned two months yesterday and of course that means that we break out the camera and inflict the pictures on all our friends and readers.

I love the look she is giving MAK in one of these photos. It looks like he said something that she found surprising.

I beg your pardon?

I beg your pardon?

And I know the outfit LOOKS pink. But actually it is a really light purple. Honest.

4 thoughts on “Ginny is TWO months old

  1. LOL I -love- the second picture! Honestly, you should have a contest for the best reader-submitted caption under the photo!

    Besides, it’s also -wonderful- teenage-embarrassment material! Be sure you hold onto that one.

    okay, what would YOUR caption be?


  2. More pink please!!!! Trust me. Enjoy the pink. They hit seven years old and want to wear black slacks and tops that….thank you very much…..aren’t fit for a 40 yr old!


  3. I have a gift for your precious girl. I think you can get my e mail from my comment. If it’s not tooooo creepy send me your address ( or po box). Would love to send it to you!

    *replied privately*


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