thanksgiving doesn’t have to hurt

This Thanksgiving is going to be different.

This Thanksgiving will be about moderation.

No I’m not kidding.

I will not pig out.

I will not snack all day.

I will be a Daniel in the midst of my Babylonian family culture of food worship.

I have already succeeded in reducing the menu itself to something more closely resembling a normal Sunday dinner instead of the all-out gorge-fest that it has been in years past. We will have ONE starch. TWO vegetables and ONE meat.

The major downfall in years past has been the many varieties of starches.

  • Sweet potato casserole (home made. incredibly sweet)
  • mashed potatoes (home made and loaded with butter and sour cream)
  • stuffing (home made)
  • bread (fresh baked)

This year I convinced my mom to limit the starch offerings to just a mashed sweet potato dish that I make. I cut up the sweet potatoes into chunks, boil them, then mash them with salt and butter.

So it’s sweet potatoes but made like regular mashed potatoes. Even the picky teenager will eat this.

and cutting out all those extra starches and sugars will be helpful.

But that’s not enough.

I promise that I WILL get on my bike on Thursday evening and do my regular 30 minutes.

my body needs it. my spirit needs it. and it is an act of worship to my LORD.


God told us to take care of the temple. and His temple IS our body. So we have to take care of it. And that means doing what it takes to stay in shape (or get in shape) IS an act of worship.

So I will thank God for the meal, my incredible family (including our new daughter) and my insanely cushy life.

Then I will get on the bike and thank Him in a different way – for a body that functions and the opportunity to fix some of the ravages of my willful neglect of His temple.


it has happened twice now

are you ready for this?

my daughter, who is only just over 12 weeks old

Slept. For. TWELVE. HOURS. Yesterday.

It happened once last week too.  Basically she takes a late afternoon bottle.  Then the following things happen in this order:

  • She gets burped
  • We put her in her car seat
  • We head for Wal-Mart for a major shopping trip
  • We put her on top of the buggy in her car seat
  • she sleeps all the way through two hours of shopping at Wal-Mart
  • she sleeps through the loading of the car
  • she sleeps through the ride home and the noisy unloading of the car
  • she sleeps through the putting away of the groceries
  • Martin and I look at each other.
  • we look at the clock.
  • it is our bed time
  • We shrug
  • we carry Ginny in her carrier up the stairs
  • We place her next to our bed
  • We go to sleep
  • We wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and feed the baby.

Now I need to emphasize that during this ENTIRE process we are standing by with a bottle ready.  We have even occasionally made the mistake of warming a bottle up because we were certain that Ginny was just ABOUT to wake up and want it.  For those of you without children that may not know this: once you heat up a bottle of formula you have only one hour to use it before you have to throw it out.  We have wasted probably a pint of two of formula with this same mistake.  Our learning curve is rather flat these days.

So I have a question for other mommy bloggers out there: is this normal?  Should I be worried?

Best I can figure I have a born shopper on my hands.  She just flat out loves Wal-Mart.

fit fridays…..

I’m not proud of this.  I slept last night from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

I’m supposed to be on a personal fitness program with the intent to get “Hot for the Holiday’s” along with Missy and 300 of her closest friends over at It’s Almost Naptime.

Martin and I were both too exhausted to see straight last night.  Ginny was blessedly asleep and we took advantage of the situation and went to bed too.

Actually Martin fell asleep with Ginny in his arms last night (which was the final clue that we all needed to just go to bed.

note the slack mouth and the drool

note the slack mouth and the drool

All of which means that I skipped my bike ride last night.

I’m more rested this morning.  But I feel guilty about skipping the bike.

Also I have no idea if I’m making progress or not, cause the one place I weigh in is at my chiropractor’s office and I haven’t been to see her in two weeks.

I have another chance tonight to get back into the pattern and get back on the bike.  wish me luck!

oh, one other photo.  My husband got me back for sneaking a photo of him asleep with the baby.  He snuck up on me this morning and snapped a few.

note the slack mouth and the drool...again

note the slack mouth and the drool...again

i didn’t move fast enough

while not the slackest blogger in town, I clearly haven’t been keeping up my usual standard of one major article per day. In order to force me back into blog-productivity, Bri over at MyLevelofAwareness just tagged me with the “share seven random things” meme

She says I don’t blog enough. My boss would probably beg to differ, but that’s okay Bri, I’ll play along.

Sooooo I gotta come up with seven random things.

one. I secretly yearn for Disney hair. you know what I mean. Hair that is long and heavy, but still does whatever you ask of it and never looks bad. Haven’t you ever noticed that the hair length on a Disney princess changes length slightly from scene to scene?

two. I have about ten different knitting projects started and no desire to work on them. My knitting inspiration (ie someone who would sit around and knit with me while chatting) moved to NY and now knitting is lonely.

three. I detest actually attending parties that I am throwing. Love to plan them. Love to make them happen. but absolutely hate being actually at them.

four. when the lights go out (like a power outage) I actually enjoy it. Give me a nice card game by candle light instead of the TV any night of the week. I really do prefer time spent interacting with my family. Which brings me to number….

five. watching football is a major passion of mine. Even though it is TV, it still counts as time spent with my family cause we hit the pause button a lot and interact. Discussing plays, hits and commentary etc. It also brings Martin’s family together across state lines. Every time Texas or Texas Tech plays they all call each other back and forth. “Did you see that?” “wow what a play!”

six. My husband has banned me from fabric stores. I’m not allowed to buy any more fabric ever.  Or at least till I significantly reduce the amount we currently have waiting to be sewn into various projects.

seven. even with the recession coming and everyone in a panic I have to say that life right now is…perfect. God has given me a job I love, an incredible husband and the sweetest most incredible little girl in the whole world.

which brings me to my favorite thing to do on my blog these days….

post photos of GInny! (oh come on, you KNEW I would find a way to work it in)  Here’s a few photos from the recent visit of Martin’s mother Altie. One of the people we named Ginny after.




ginny meets uncle steve

it still seems weird to me to spell his name that way. To me he is my little brother Stephen.

But now that he is “all growed up” he wants to be Steve. Actually he prefers Foster, but that’s a whole ‘nother story for another day.

Anyway, he’s been sick off and on for a few weeks and what with that and scheduling conflicts and such he has only just now gotten to meet the new baby in the family.

So for posterities sake, here is the meeting of Ginny and her uncle Steve. and yes, I know. He could get gigs impersonating Hank Williams Jr.

We tell him that all the time. He doesn’t seem interested in impersonations as a career move.

alties-visit-037alties-visit-040alties-visit-041I love the look she is giving him in this last one.

cool halloween concept

Okay, perhaps I’m completely behind and everyone else is already doing this, but I just heard about a really cool idea for Halloween.

One of our professors and I were talking and she said

“oh and man those kids collecting for charities really cleaned me out this year!”

I stood there and stared at her blankly…….


Apparently bunches of kids in her neighborhood collect for charity instead of collecting candy!

they knock on her door and yell “Trick or treat!” and then when she opens the door to give them the traditional candy they say “instead of candy, could you give us a canned good for the food bank?”


Apparently it is a huge thing in her neighborhood. To the point where she has started buying extra canned goods just before Halloween so she is prepared for the onslaught.

What if we made it a huge trend all over the place? Talk about a way to re-claim Halloween for Jesus!

upstairs downstairs

Everybody knows that going up stairs is exercise.  It is hard work.  You can feel the burn in your legs. You get out of breath seemingly faster than almost any other bi-pedal type activity.

But what about going down the stairs?

It would seem that gravity is doing all the work so going down the stairs wouldn’t count.  I mean it doesn’t take any effort right?


yes.  If you just cal-lump down the stairs like most people do, then yes.  Gravity is doing most of the work and you are getting nothing out of it.

So why waste the time?  Truth is that you CAN get benefit from walking down stairs.

the key is to take. your. time.

Yes, I see that quizzical look.  But if you take your time and do it right, going down stairs can burn calories too.  here’s how

let’s say you are ready to take the first step down with your right foot.  your left leg is bent, waiting for your right foot to connect with the stair tread.  Now STOP.  hold that pose.  Don’t touch your right foot to the stair tread yet.  Make your left thigh do the work of holding you up, then SLOWLY bend your left knee to lower the right foot for the last two or three inches till your right foot hits the stair tread.

then take the next step making your right leg do the suspension work.

At first this will be a stop-n-start kind of thing, but eventually you will get where you can just flow slowly down a stair case and never have a moment where your thighs are not getting a workout.   After you’ve been doing this for a while you will get to the point where you can freeze in place at any point in the suspensions.   The fun part is that no-one will notice!  You will just look like you take stairs very gracefully without the clump clump clump of a standard American.

So you will be getting exercise AND look graceful while doing it.  How many other forms of workout can you say that about?

oh, and please rest your hand lightly on the stair rail.  I don’t want to get any posts from someone who fell down the stairs because they didn’t hold on!