found. One exercise bike.

This weekend was…interesting.

On Thursday we took Ginny for her two-month “well baby” check-up. She now weighs 9 pounds, 2.5 ounces and is 21 inches long. Everything is going according to plan. she is growing and cooing and even holding up her head very well for her age. She even got her first shots and only cried a little bit. Of course at some point we both looked at each other and realized that there are plenty of babies BORN at 9 pounds. Which just totally blows my mind.

Anyway. We got Ginny home, after driving past a polling spot where THOUSANDS of people were voting early, and decided that we needed to set up a photo shoot of Ginny in her Halloween outfit in a pumpkin patch. We didn’t feel like driving to our church pumpkin patch at that point so we set up one in our front yard with our own fake carved pumpkins. Ok, so the pumpkin patch is ready. the Pumpkin herself is ready. We place her amongst the pumpkins, dash for the camera and….

Every. single. time. our hands left the baby….she began to wail.


Yea, did I mention that we are new to this whole parenting gig?

Intellectually we knew that some babies get crabby after their immunizations. but heck OUR baby was an angel on an airplane, surely she will weather the whole immunization trauma with aplomb.



We got two decent photos out of about 30. The rest look like we are torturing our darling baby. Here are the two good ones.

After the photo shoot, things went even further down hill.

Ginny wouldn’t sleep all Thursday night, so Martin and I looked at each other on Friday morning and made a judgement call: we aren’t safe to drive therefore we can’t go to work. My mom took Ginny for 6 hours or so during the day with the plan being that Martin and I were supposed to get some much needed sleep.

any guesses what happened then?


well we had just settled in for our long awaited nap…when the phone started ringing. and ringing. and ringing.

was it someone’s campaign trying to sway our vote at the last minute?


it was my sister-in-law Kris calling to tell us that my brother Stephen had been in a car wreck. He was hit by a guy going 80 mph and both drivers were on their way to the hospital. My brother in a neck brace and strapped to a board.


Turns out he has so much damage in his neck from previous accidents that they had trouble telling new from old. but they were pretty clear about the conclusion: his neck is MESSED UP. Not broken, but he is in a lot of pain. The pain killers they have given him have sent him spiraling into delusion and depression too, compounding his already myriad problems.

Ok, so much for sleep.

So went Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday as well. It has been a rough weekend.

Georgia lost. Texas lost.

but there were two bright spots:

the Falcons crushed the Raiders.


I uncovered my recumbent bike. It has been huddled under pillows and throw blankets in one corner of my living room for the last year in a kind of neglected pitifulness. Every time I looked at it I would grind my teeth in frustration thinking “when do I have the time?”

Well this weekend, in spite of babies that won’t sleep, brothers I can’t really help, and football teams that can’t catch the dad-blamed ball, I MADE time to get back on the bike. I did one 30 minutes session and about five little 15 minute sessions.

What finally got me over there? A wonderful friend of mine, who runs and works out obsessively shared something with me last week. She told me that she NEVER wakes up eager to get out of her nice warm bed and run. She loves it once she is doing it, but that one revelation specifically from her was mind blowing. I just always assumed that she must be mentally wired different than me.

Turns out that nope, we would both rather stay fit by just curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. But she learned a long time ago how to make herself get up.

I guess I am finally catching on.

oh and Ginny finally started remembering how to sleep on Sunday night. Just in time for us to get sufficient sleep to be able to come to work today.


6 thoughts on “found. One exercise bike.

  1. I’m loving seeing the pictures of Ginny! What a sweet baby girl! I always laughed that Lily was the size of friend’s newborns at three months! Small is good! God made her perfectly!

    Vaccines, they on the other hand are evil I tell you! I know that is one of those issues. I have learned more and more with each one. Don’t take me wrong, my kids have had them, just that I’ve handled them differently with each. By the time I got to Finn I started being more selective about which ones, what combinations, and the timing. Anyway, my point really was I always hated shot day and the few days that follow! Its a hard thing on a Mama!

    Sorry your weekend was not what you planned! Seems there is a lot of that going around!

    As for the recumbant bike discovery and the revelation…hmm..I think I have one of those somewhere. I did not join the “Hot for the Holidays” group because it would take me a good dozen holidays to make a dent! I just sigh when I look at the 5-10-15 lb goals..if only! But maybe your dusting yours off will inspire me to seek out mine…maybe, but don’t hold your breath!

    Like I said, what finally got me going was hearing from an AVID runner friend that her pillow and blankets are just as seductively cozy as mine are in the mornings. She even told me point blank that she has NEVER bounced out of bed ready to run. Which was quite a revelation from her since she is always bouncy when I’ve seen her. That tiny little glimpse into her life was what it took to get me off my duff.
    Now mind you, I’m still not gonna get up extra early in the mornings. But I am doing short bursts on the bike during my football-viewing-time on Saturdays and Sundays. I figure, I’m sitting there anyway, so I may as well get some work-out time in. Every little bit helps


  2. Sleep. My first born did not sleep through the night until she was ONE YEAR OLD. I am not kidding. Not one time. My second, well he started sleeping everynight at six weeks. 4 yrs later, I have to wake him up to take my daughter to school. Ginny will learn to sleep better. LEARN. I do believe you have to teach her. Wish I had known that seven years ago!!!
    Praying that you and your husband get at least five or so hours of good sleep a night.


  3. Eva Rose was 10 lbs at birth. Bizarre, huh? Bizarrer still that I pushed her out.

    Now you know why I avoided the pumpkin patch for so long.

    Is she 6 weeks old? They get a big mean growth spurt at 6 weeks. That might be the problem.

    Sorry about your brother 😦

    And, as far as vax. I recommend you read Dr. Sears Vaccine Book. Very good, very fair and balanced. I do all vax except flu and the hep A but I delay all of them, especially the MMR. I used to give my babies 5,6 shots at once and now I think that is nuts. Way too much overload for one little baby’s immune system. Shoot, what adult would want 6 shots at once?? I only give 2, max 3 at a time.

    We only do two at a time. My pediatrician believes in taking things slowly. I’m good with that.


  4. Well, I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing catch-up here this afternoon!
    What adorable pictures you have collected of your sweet little girl! Can it really be she’s two months old already??? That seems hard to believe.
    And though parenting is new to you, it seems you’re falling into it quite nicely. Good for you!


  5. Ginny was on this date, the same length and weight as Solvi at birth.

    Solvi slept 10 hours without requiring parental intervention twice this week – two days in a row.

    She drops off pretty quickly now (like eyes closed deep breathing in 5-10 minutes and mom can leave her in bed without waking her after 20-30 minutes.).

    But MOST nights – I end up in her room sleeping in the twin bed with her for 4-6 hours. Sometimes this is because of a rough night, but mostly it is because I have accepted the inevitable, and when I am dragged from my sleep into her room, my body has learned to simply sleep there. So even though she drops back off very quickly, I’m out for a sleep cycle at least – 2-3 hours, and often 4-6.

    Daddy Zig has taken to opening the door to her room in the am and saying goodbye to us both to get us awake and started on our day.

    Sigh. It IS getting better. I tell myself EVENTUALLY, eventually, she will a) fall asleep on her own, and b) stay asleep all night, more nights than not.

    It tickles me constantly the difference in perspective. Uncle Lamont was at my house this weekend comparing your little one and mine. He kept commenting on how tiny my girl is. While I am personally impressed with how BIG my little girl has gotten. Perspective.


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