we have a big God

Jesus died for everybody.

no matter what they’ve done

……….or who they voted for.

I was very very impressed by John McCain’s speech last night.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could take up a cabinet position in the new administration?  He seems to be such an honorable man.


3 thoughts on “we have a big God

  1. He has some excellent books, too. I recommend:

    Character is destiny : inspiring stories every young person should know and every adult should remember.



  2. Another area we disagree on 😉



    Well to clarify – I don’t think they get saved unless they accept the gift that God is offering. What I meant was that no one is beyond redemption. Not that salvation applies to all and sundry without them accepting Christ.
    Thank goodness we have proven that we can disagree and still be friends. Cause I think we are gonna have to wait and ask Jesus himself about this one


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