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Everybody knows that going up stairs is exercise.  It is hard work.  You can feel the burn in your legs. You get out of breath seemingly faster than almost any other bi-pedal type activity.

But what about going down the stairs?

It would seem that gravity is doing all the work so going down the stairs wouldn’t count.  I mean it doesn’t take any effort right?


yes.  If you just cal-lump down the stairs like most people do, then yes.  Gravity is doing most of the work and you are getting nothing out of it.

So why waste the time?  Truth is that you CAN get benefit from walking down stairs.

the key is to take. your. time.

Yes, I see that quizzical look.  But if you take your time and do it right, going down stairs can burn calories too.  here’s how

let’s say you are ready to take the first step down with your right foot.  your left leg is bent, waiting for your right foot to connect with the stair tread.  Now STOP.  hold that pose.  Don’t touch your right foot to the stair tread yet.  Make your left thigh do the work of holding you up, then SLOWLY bend your left knee to lower the right foot for the last two or three inches till your right foot hits the stair tread.

then take the next step making your right leg do the suspension work.

At first this will be a stop-n-start kind of thing, but eventually you will get where you can just flow slowly down a stair case and never have a moment where your thighs are not getting a workout.   After you’ve been doing this for a while you will get to the point where you can freeze in place at any point in the suspensions.   The fun part is that no-one will notice!  You will just look like you take stairs very gracefully without the clump clump clump of a standard American.

So you will be getting exercise AND look graceful while doing it.  How many other forms of workout can you say that about?

oh, and please rest your hand lightly on the stair rail.  I don’t want to get any posts from someone who fell down the stairs because they didn’t hold on!


7 thoughts on “upstairs downstairs

  1. Good idea, I’ll try to remember this the 9,000 times I go up and down my stairs today!

    hi! Welcome to my blog. Yes, I am certainly preaching to myself in this post. sometimes it helps me to do better at something if I blog about it. Especially exercising….ahem.


  2. What a great idea. I will have to give that a try. I like to do plies in the kitchen whenever I am cooking or doing dishes. Hubby laughs when I start throwing in lunges! Thanks for sharing, have a great week!


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  4. Oh I never thought of it that way. Thanks for mentioning it. Good luck this week.

    I did a modified version of this yesterday and MAN do my legs hurt today. I slowed the suspension down even further and then backed up. So for each step I dipped down with my foot almost touching the next step down, then backed up a bit and then let the foot down. All the work being done by the quad. oooooh buddy does it hurt today.


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