i didn’t move fast enough

while not the slackest blogger in town, I clearly haven’t been keeping up my usual standard of one major article per day. In order to force me back into blog-productivity, Bri over at MyLevelofAwareness just tagged me with the “share seven random things” meme

She says I don’t blog enough. My boss would probably beg to differ, but that’s okay Bri, I’ll play along.

Sooooo I gotta come up with seven random things.

one. I secretly yearn for Disney hair. you know what I mean. Hair that is long and heavy, but still does whatever you ask of it and never looks bad. Haven’t you ever noticed that the hair length on a Disney princess changes length slightly from scene to scene?

two. I have about ten different knitting projects started and no desire to work on them. My knitting inspiration (ie someone who would sit around and knit with me while chatting) moved to NY and now knitting is lonely.

three. I detest actually attending parties that I am throwing. Love to plan them. Love to make them happen. but absolutely hate being actually at them.

four. when the lights go out (like a power outage) I actually enjoy it. Give me a nice card game by candle light instead of the TV any night of the week. I really do prefer time spent interacting with my family. Which brings me to number….

five. watching football is a major passion of mine. Even though it is TV, it still counts as time spent with my family cause we hit the pause button a lot and interact. Discussing plays, hits and commentary etc. It also brings Martin’s family together across state lines. Every time Texas or Texas Tech plays they all call each other back and forth. “Did you see that?” “wow what a play!”

six. My husband has banned me from fabric stores. I’m not allowed to buy any more fabric ever.  Or at least till I significantly reduce the amount we currently have waiting to be sewn into various projects.

seven. even with the recession coming and everyone in a panic I have to say that life right now is…perfect. God has given me a job I love, an incredible husband and the sweetest most incredible little girl in the whole world.

which brings me to my favorite thing to do on my blog these days….

post photos of GInny! (oh come on, you KNEW I would find a way to work it in)  Here’s a few photos from the recent visit of Martin’s mother Altie. One of the people we named Ginny after.




2 thoughts on “i didn’t move fast enough

  1. I am sorry I am so far away that it is hard to fiber enable you. Call me and we can visit long distance about knitting. This morning I am weighing out roving so I can take pictures and open my etsy shop. Look for an announcement on my blog.

    I also have to finish my monk’s back that I have been knitting off and on for a year and a half. All the knitting is finished I just have to do the finishing, adding the closures and weaving in ends. It will happen today.

    Other than that my knitting has been gift knitting.

    I meant to call you and ask if you knew of a pattern for a hooded scarf. Martin just bought one that is so simple and beautiful. The hood portion is just the center point of the scarf and it has about 10 extra rows added to make it wider at that point, then it is folded over and sewn together. Very clever really. looks simple enough even for me to do.


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