fit fridays…..

I’m not proud of this.  I slept last night from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

I’m supposed to be on a personal fitness program with the intent to get “Hot for the Holiday’s” along with Missy and 300 of her closest friends over at It’s Almost Naptime.

Martin and I were both too exhausted to see straight last night.  Ginny was blessedly asleep and we took advantage of the situation and went to bed too.

Actually Martin fell asleep with Ginny in his arms last night (which was the final clue that we all needed to just go to bed.

note the slack mouth and the drool

note the slack mouth and the drool

All of which means that I skipped my bike ride last night.

I’m more rested this morning.  But I feel guilty about skipping the bike.

Also I have no idea if I’m making progress or not, cause the one place I weigh in is at my chiropractor’s office and I haven’t been to see her in two weeks.

I have another chance tonight to get back into the pattern and get back on the bike.  wish me luck!

oh, one other photo.  My husband got me back for sneaking a photo of him asleep with the baby.  He snuck up on me this morning and snapped a few.

note the slack mouth and the drool...again

note the slack mouth and the drool...again


3 thoughts on “fit fridays…..

  1. Well, I can’t write anything else until I say how positively gorgeous Ginny is. I mean, that is one beautiful baby, which I’m sure you already realize. But, just, WOW!

    Second, when you have a baby that age in the house, you sleep when you can for as long as possible. And then you don’t feel bad about it!

    Thank you for mentioning Little Women on my Christmas movie post! I LOVE that movie, own it, and watch it regularly. I have no idea why I didn’t think to add it to my list. I think my oldest and I will watch it tomorrow while the little one naps!

    And please don’t feel guilty about skipping the bike.

    Hi! Welcome to the blog. And thanks. Yes, we think she is beautiful too.
    the hardest part about the “you sleep when she sleeps” rule for us is remembering to go to sleep in the first place. Usually when she first goes to sleep we rush around and try to get things done


  2. Babies are soporific – really. If I’m feeling tired and Solvi’s due for a nap, I’ll park myself in the living room and watch her wind down then cheerfully be her sleeping mat while she naps so she’ll help me nap.

    Ahem – HEAR THIS: My Doctor recently said, “You are exhausted – get extra naps. Yes, exercise is important, but SO IS SLEEP!”

    The other important thing about your exercise program is to constantly think about the now/future. Do not focus on what you have not done in the past – focus on what you will do right now and or later today. Remember the exercises in a minute – and do some of those asap. It will make you feel better and be *something* done today.


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