it has happened twice now

are you ready for this?

my daughter, who is only just over 12 weeks old

Slept. For. TWELVE. HOURS. Yesterday.

It happened once last week too.  Basically she takes a late afternoon bottle.  Then the following things happen in this order:

  • She gets burped
  • We put her in her car seat
  • We head for Wal-Mart for a major shopping trip
  • We put her on top of the buggy in her car seat
  • she sleeps all the way through two hours of shopping at Wal-Mart
  • she sleeps through the loading of the car
  • she sleeps through the ride home and the noisy unloading of the car
  • she sleeps through the putting away of the groceries
  • Martin and I look at each other.
  • we look at the clock.
  • it is our bed time
  • We shrug
  • we carry Ginny in her carrier up the stairs
  • We place her next to our bed
  • We go to sleep
  • We wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and feed the baby.

Now I need to emphasize that during this ENTIRE process we are standing by with a bottle ready.  We have even occasionally made the mistake of warming a bottle up because we were certain that Ginny was just ABOUT to wake up and want it.  For those of you without children that may not know this: once you heat up a bottle of formula you have only one hour to use it before you have to throw it out.  We have wasted probably a pint of two of formula with this same mistake.  Our learning curve is rather flat these days.

So I have a question for other mommy bloggers out there: is this normal?  Should I be worried?

Best I can figure I have a born shopper on my hands.  She just flat out loves Wal-Mart.


6 thoughts on “it has happened twice now

  1. Be glad, but…. I remember reading somewhere that it may be dangerous to leave the baby sleeping in the car seat — that that may be a risk factor for SIDS or something. Just something to keep in mind. I’d rather tell you and have you freak out, than not tell you and have something happen. From a little bit I read (from Australia or the UK), being born preterm is an additional risk factor for hypoxia, and sleeping in an infant car seat for extended periods of time (like overnight) increases that risk. So, if at all possible, take her out of the car seat before too many hours pass.

    That’s something we talked to our doctor about yesterday. Her position on it was that as long as there wasn’t a blanket that Ginny could pull over her own face, and as long as she wasn’t slumped over, that the car seat was just fine. I think it also helps that we tilt it back so she is basically reclining. Not sitting straight up. Basically, don’t wake a sleeping baby!


  2. all I can say is, Enjoy the sleep! I think as long as she is sleeping on her back, she is fine. Many times my daughter would only sleep in her swing or bouncy seat at night, odd!

    Ooh, some other unsolicited advice… you know you don’t have to warm the bottles right? What does she think of a room temp bottle?

    That way you can just pre-measure the powder and water, and shake and serve whenever she is ready 🙂

    Of course, if she/you like warming it, no biggie 🙂

    Actually she likes her bottles COLD (like straight from the fridge) or really warmed (like almost too warm). Room temp totally turns her off right now. Of course she’s a girl, so she reserves the right to change her mind as soon as we think we have her figured out.


  3. Our second slept in his car seat for about three straight weeks. He would wake up, have a bottle and not sleep in the crib next to our bed. We tried the car seat. Worked. Stuck with it. We used to joke that it would be hard to find a car seat for him when he turned 15:)
    The 12 hrs prob wont last. Enjoy it, never wake a sleeping baby. (you know, unless they are sick)


  4. Seems like she is just going through a growth spurt. She will be sleepy around those time, and sometimes a bottomless pit. “FEED ME WHAAAA!!!!!!” ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz…….

    That is exactly what is happening!


  5. I hate you.

    Solvi is JUST NOW at 14 months sleeping for 9-10 hours straight, one to two nights a week .

    She has NEVER slept 12 hours solid.

    She has never slept in her car seat more than 2-3 hours (and this was on Gulf wars and Lillies trips).

    Fridge the water. Premeasure the powder in something that makes it easy to pour into the bottle when bleary. (I got a little divided container thingie so I could premeasure several bottles, of differing amounts for Solvi – it had a handy pour spout.)

    Before you go to bed, put bottle in upstairs fridge, or in insulated lunch bag with an ice pack. Then sleep unworried – you can make a bottle happen in less than a minute when she wakes.


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