thanksgiving doesn’t have to hurt

This Thanksgiving is going to be different.

This Thanksgiving will be about moderation.

No I’m not kidding.

I will not pig out.

I will not snack all day.

I will be a Daniel in the midst of my Babylonian family culture of food worship.

I have already succeeded in reducing the menu itself to something more closely resembling a normal Sunday dinner instead of the all-out gorge-fest that it has been in years past. We will have ONE starch. TWO vegetables and ONE meat.

The major downfall in years past has been the many varieties of starches.

  • Sweet potato casserole (home made. incredibly sweet)
  • mashed potatoes (home made and loaded with butter and sour cream)
  • stuffing (home made)
  • bread (fresh baked)

This year I convinced my mom to limit the starch offerings to just a mashed sweet potato dish that I make. I cut up the sweet potatoes into chunks, boil them, then mash them with salt and butter.

So it’s sweet potatoes but made like regular mashed potatoes. Even the picky teenager will eat this.

and cutting out all those extra starches and sugars will be helpful.

But that’s not enough.

I promise that I WILL get on my bike on Thursday evening and do my regular 30 minutes.

my body needs it. my spirit needs it. and it is an act of worship to my LORD.


God told us to take care of the temple. and His temple IS our body. So we have to take care of it. And that means doing what it takes to stay in shape (or get in shape) IS an act of worship.

So I will thank God for the meal, my incredible family (including our new daughter) and my insanely cushy life.

Then I will get on the bike and thank Him in a different way – for a body that functions and the opportunity to fix some of the ravages of my willful neglect of His temple.


2 thoughts on “thanksgiving doesn’t have to hurt

  1. I did okay. I did my 30 minutes on Thursday.

    but, then I got sick again and haven’t been on the bike since.

    this is such a rotten time of year to be sick and it seems like I have been under the weather for most of the last two months.

    Personally I think it has something to do with exhaustion due to Ginny’s advent in our lives.

    I know my trainer tells me not to do this, but I am considering getting back on the bike tonight after bible study. Even though it is an off night. It all hinges on how I feel at 9 p.m. when all the guests go home.

    Wish me luck.


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