football article that EVERYONE should read

an article worth reading.

Yes.  I know.  it’s from a sport’s writer.

no I’m not kidding.  It will make you feel better about the human race.


Ginny’s christmas journal

My first Christmas.

I slept through the present opening frenzy at Grammy’s house

117but I woke up with a smile and proceeded to enjoy hanging out with family.  Grammy cooks lots of good food.  Maybe next year I will be ready to eat some of it.


I have a very handsome daddy. Though he sometimes does silly things, like putting one of my presents on his head.  I didn’t see this, cause I was asleep, but I found it in the pictures later on.


The day after Christmas, I needed to got to Texas to meet the rest of the family. So mommy and daddy and I hopped on a plane for a whirlwind trip.

It was so much fun to have more new people to charm.  And I love seeing all my cousins.  I love them so much.  Perhaps one day I’ll get to meet my brothers and sisters and that will almost be like meeting more cousins.


All in all I approve of this Christmas thing.  Seems kinda fun.  Mommy and Daddy tell me that it is not just a family reunion time, but that it is the birthday of some person named Jesus, which kinda sounds familiar, but I don’t have a real good idea of which family member he is yet.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day.

that’s all for now.  I need another bottle and a nap for now.



Christmas time is here by golly

I posted a few weeks ago about the sickness that takes over both my husband and myself when we think of Christmas.

We tend to get a little carried away with the decor.

But this year a limiting factor was introduced: Ginny.

Just simply having a 3 month old in our lives has casued us to re-think the prospect of wearing ourselves out to produce a house that looks like it should be on a tour of homes.  We’ve scaled back and gone for more of a simple homespun look this year.

Ivey helped hang ornaments

Ivey helped hang ornaments

Which is not to say we didn’t have fun.  Heck we even got the dogs and the cat into the act at one point.

dog days of Christmas

dog days of Christmas

Kenya catches Lucy in her net of many colors

Kenya catches Lucy in her net of many colors

We got the main tree up that first night. Sort of a nutcracker/children’s wooden toy theme.


and Ginny and I just sat and watched it for a while.


sweet sixteen….weeks

Yes, my baby girl is 16 weeks old.

wow where did the time go?

Ginny is now 12 pounds 10.5 ounces.

She is 24 inches tall.


she has two “teeth buds”

which means she is chewing on lots of stuff and drooling more these days.

Thankfully she is still a very happy smiley baby.

Especially in the mornings.

yes, you heard me God has cursed um blessed me with a morning person in my daughter.

I must admit, she does brighten our mornings.  Her smiles and coos and giggles make us come alive a lot earlier than we would normally choose to and with a lot more grace.

Unconditional love will do funny things to you.  Even at 6a.m.

i haven’t been listening….to myself

ever preached against something and then realized you are falling prey to it yourself?


I’m there.

When we lost our choir director under rotten circumstances I preached hope to my fellow choir members.

“God can get us through this.” I said. “We can concentrate on HIM and be more aware than ever of our need for HIM to sing through us this holiday season.” I said. “Amen” they said.

I even blogged about it.


apparently I didn’t really listen to my own sermon very well.

What have I done this holiday season so far?

Let Satan trip me up with every single little road block he could find.

Okay, not every single one. But every possible reason to skip choir practice has been my special foe this season. Some were legit: sinus infections are something that should never be brought into a choir room. But simple weariness? or being on my period? or stomach upset? or a fussy baby (when my mom was offering to baby sit and I really did need to get out of the house anyway!) ? Heck I don’t even like the piece at all! None of these are contagious and I should have recognized them for what they were: Satan giving me plausible reasons to grasp at to stay home so I didn’t have to come face to face with a simple truth:

I don’t have the joy or depth to sing praises this particular Christmas season. This has been a worse Christmas season (in a different way) than last year when I thought my barrenness was going to keep us from ever being parents. I knew if I went to choir I would have to confront that basic fact and make a decision: surrender the hurt to God and let HIM take away the lump in my throat or push through it in pride and be anything but a Godly witness.

I knew I didn’t have it in me to sing on my own. But instead of being obedient to my commitment to my church, my fellow choir members and to God, I skipped. Skipped most every rehearsal since October. I chose to be a hermit. I chose to hide. To put off the decision. To hug my hurts and cherish them. That is NOT of God folks. Not of God.


Here we are with only one rehearsal left before the Christmas music festival this weekend and I have only been to one practice and I have no idea what to do.

I have the CD. I *could* go over and over and over it ad-nauseum for the next few days and try to learn my part from that. Of course that means my poor hubby will be stuck in a different room of the house going over and over the bass section CD so that he doesn’t inadvertently learn the alto part.

People who show up at a performance without having been to a majority of rehearsals are a MAJOR sore spot for me. But that too is not of God. Pride? get rid of it. I know if I give this to God and put in the work, HE can do this. HE can help me learn it.  Of course learning it is not the whole point.  The point is that God doesn’t just want my mouth up there singing, He needs my Heart to be His so that the music has meaning.

Even the realization that I have finally come to about this. The timing of it is positively demonic. I think Satan let me figure this out with such a short time to go before the festival so that I would feel even more defeated and miserable.

So that I would say to myself “self, there is no way that I can learn this music in time. I have betrayed my fellow altos. I am dirt.”

But ya know what? in a way Satan is right: I did betray my fellow altos


We have a very big God, and I have it on good authority that he loves to hear voices raised in song.

So, here it is. I can not do this. I cannot possibly learn this music in time. But GOD already knows the score. Literally. He wrote it through his servant Michael W. Smith.

So, LORD, please help me. I’ll put in the work. You bring the Spirit. I can not do this on my own. I can learn the notes, but I can’t give this performance any soul or heart because mine is still broken. So if there is going to be ANY soul or heart to this Lord Jesus it is going to have to come straight from the Throne of Grace.

I’d say Amen Lord, but there’s no point. I’m going to have stay in constant contact to make it through this. Mind if I curl up here? I need your comfort Lord. I need it.

interesting weekend

the highpoint of my weekend was standing in line at the Social Security Administration’s local office.

no. I’m not kidding.

You see our baby girl’s birth certificate arrived on Friday. Ginny is adopted, so this is the new birth certificate. The kind that some adoptive parents used to use to lie to their kids. It actually lists me as the mother and Martin as the father. Which feels really weird to me. I know that Mel and Steve are the birth parents. I understand why the authorities do this.  They are trying to make things easy when we fill out forms and go to doctors and schools etc….. We are the legal parents now, but it still feels like we are cheating somehow by not having a birth certificate that lists BOTH the birth family and the adoptive family.  Maybe someday that form can be changed to reflect the reality of adoption.

Anyway…. Monday, Martin and I dropped everything and went to go stand in line to get her a social security number.

Kind of a milestone. wow.

The rest of the weekend was spent sending my hubby off to go do the show (Journey to Bethlehem at our church) without me. I had some kind of horrible 24 hour bug Friday night (or food allergy, we still haven’t figured that one out) so I missed Saturday’s show, and then various other little things cropped up: Ginny had a slight fever, so I stayed home Sunday, and then I was under the weather again on Monday so I missed that show as well.

I did get a lot of the presents wrapped and I listened to a whole bunch of Christmas music.  Mostly Travis Cottrell’s new CD “Ring the Bells”  good stuff that.

so…. What with being sick and being left alone in the house a lot, which is not good for me emotionally and it being Christmas….I can honestly say that standing in line at the government office was the highlight of the weekend.

how about you? how was your weekend?