meaningful christmas ideas

last year, completely by accident, Martin and I discovered something that we can do that makes the holidays brighter and more meaningful for us.

First you have to understand that we love to decorate.

and when I say that we love to decorate I’m actually understating the case. seriously. it is an addiction.

most of our family and friends think we should be in therapy specifically for our addiction to holdiay decor.  We do a different theme each year with our out-door lighting.  And we have a tree in every room of the house.  A lit and decorated tree.  No. I’m. NOT. Kidding.

When Martin and I got together one of the first things we discovered about each other was that we were going to need to devote our entire basement to the storage of holiday decorations.

  • Lights
  • cords
  • trees
  • garland
  • ornaments
  • grapevine reindeer

We have a tree in every room, a stable of 22 (and maybe more by now) lit deer, and all the trees are themed.

We have rules.

  • only buy decor during the post Christmas sales
  • No more e-bay for Martin. He is still searching for the ultimate grapevine buck.
  • We don’t ever do the main tree in a particular theme until after we have tried it out for a year or more on one of the mini trees

I’m starting to agree with my friends and family that we have a disaease.

However, we managed to find a way to use it for a positive purpose last year.

One Sunday our associate pastor mentioned in his message that his wife was bummed because they hadn’t had time to do a tree. He just mentioned it in passing. Well Martin and I put our heads together. We have all these trees (1 foot, 3 feet, 6 feet and 7.5 feet high) and we never use them all every year. Why don’t we decorate one and take it to Kelly?

So we did. She was so surprised and it meant so much to her.

Turned out to be a real bright spot in our Christmas season.

so what about you? what have you done, planned or un-planned, that blessed your heart at Christmas time?


One thought on “meaningful christmas ideas

  1. This is so awesome. Okay, two things. One, when will you be posting photos of ALL THE CHRISTMASNESS? Two, I left a little bloggy award for you on my blog today.

    Here’s the funny part: we don’t tend to take photos of the various Christmas themes. We have never been camera people. Till now of course that we have Ginny. Now EVERYTHING is camera worthy.


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