sleepy voices

Ginny is 14 weeks today.

She is generally sleeping 7 hours at a stretch in the evenings

Sometimes this works out where mommy and daddy actually get seven hours of sleep too. Last night didn’t work that way.

Ginny went to sleep in her cradle at about 7 p.m. yay!

Mommy and daddy made the mistake of looking around the house and saying “okay, what can we get done before we go to bed?”

three stacks of mail, four paid bills, a load of dishes, a new shower curtain hung and bathroom rug taped down and a fully repaired toilet later….

We looked at the clock and realized it was almost TWO IN THE MORNING!


so we prepared for bed. Martin climbed in and promptly fell sound asleep.

I on the other hand took just a few minutes too long. As I snuggled down into the comforter I heard a coo.

a gurgle…a murmur….then a full fledged “feed me NOW” cry.

*sigh* my turn I guess.

We had a nice time. She took all 5 ounces quickly and with no fuss and was back asleep by just before 3 a.m. So I really only got an hour less sleep than my husband.

This morning we woke up late. Actually I do recall the alarm going off. I went over to it and spoke strongly to it about the impertinence of it’s attempts to roust me out of bed. I even remember saying “we will have none of THAT!” as I forcefully turned it all the way OFF.

eventually we woke up on our own….30 minutes after we were already supposed to be in the car on the way to work.

At 8 a.m. the following phone call occurred between my husband and his boss (BOTH voices must be read as VERY sleepy and vague)

Martin: hhhey boss?

George: mmmmm?

Martin: sssts mrnin (translation: it’s morning)

George: issit? (translation: oh is it?)

Martin: yup. friday. work.

there is a long pause here……then George says

“wanna race?”

have I mentioned that my husband has a great boss?


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