when URP is a good thing

This morning, as we trying to get out the door to go to work, Ginny URPED on Martin.  All over Martin actually.

She isn’t sick, it was just a gas bubble under a bunch of formula.  But they both had to get cleaned up and it made us an hour and a half late to work.  Insidious stuff.


That was an incredibly normal, sane reason to be late to work. We welcomed it as an indicator that life was back to something resembling normal. In the last few days we have had some pretty untoward things happen as we try to get out the front door. Here they are in no particular order

  • On Thursday my brother had to be taken to the hospital
  • On Friday my brother had to be taken to the hospital
  • I got a call at work Friday saying that they were admitting my brother. They say he had a heart attack.
  • my 15 year-old niece had to be taken to the hospital for seizures.

I guess that’s not that many, but it was starting to seem like we hadn’t had a normal day in quite a while.  Maybe it was all in my head.  Whatever.  Today’s normality of a couple with a young baby having to clean up URP was a welcome change.

So here’s to Mondays.  May the only spilt milk today be the stuff on my hubby’s shirt.


3 thoughts on “when URP is a good thing

  1. Normal is good. 🙂 How is your family doing?

    We are okay. Everyone is home from the hospital. The 15 year old is eating again and her father (my brother) is taking his meds so hopefully he will be alright.


  2. Hi Deidre,
    We got to know you a little when my son did your families DVD profile for your adoption! thanks for posting on my adoption blog!

    Blessings to you and your happy little family!


    Love the connections that adoption has made for us. Thank you for all the questions you answered in the beginning for us. Your helpfulness was a huge part of why I eventually contacted the Atlanta office of CAC.


  3. I learned last weekend that a baby can take 4 oz of formula, two pretzels, and make it into 22 pounds of urp thin enough to get into every cranny of a carseat and thick enough to instantly harden to the consistency of concrete in said cracks.

    I wonder how that works?


    milk. salt. flour….dude that is the basic recipe for play-dough.


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