the unfairness of it all

it is SNOWING in New Orleans.

I’m not kidding.  Go here.

That’s just not right ya’ll.


3 thoughts on “the unfairness of it all

  1. Ah, gotta love global warming! 😉

    It’s supposed to snow here (North Mississippi) sometime today, which is very unusual this time of year — usually it doesn’t happen until at least January or even later. I hope it sticks! 🙂

    I remember counting that it was a “White Christmas” if I saw a couple of flakes — which is the most snow we’ve usually had for Christmas ’round here.

    Maybe you’ll get some in Hot-lanta before too long! 🙂


  2. I am so with you. Big bummer – as a northerner I find the lack of snow where I live “disturbing” (read in Darth Vader voice).

    The only bright side is that it reached Hattisburg – which means my 3 yr old niece Emma got to see it falling from the sky. [My mom took her to see snow on the ground in the Smokies at Thanksgiving – may favorite of her comments was a wonderous… “It’s SOFT” ]. I hope she go to catch snowflakes on her tongue….


  3. We got an ice storm up here in New England! We haven’t had power at our house since Friday 2am. UGH!! Thank God for family that will let us stay with them. Us being my husband, me and our three pets! Gotta love family!


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