interesting weekend

the highpoint of my weekend was standing in line at the Social Security Administration’s local office.

no. I’m not kidding.

You see our baby girl’s birth certificate arrived on Friday. Ginny is adopted, so this is the new birth certificate. The kind that some adoptive parents used to use to lie to their kids. It actually lists me as the mother and Martin as the father. Which feels really weird to me. I know that Mel and Steve are the birth parents. I understand why the authorities do this.  They are trying to make things easy when we fill out forms and go to doctors and schools etc….. We are the legal parents now, but it still feels like we are cheating somehow by not having a birth certificate that lists BOTH the birth family and the adoptive family.  Maybe someday that form can be changed to reflect the reality of adoption.

Anyway…. Monday, Martin and I dropped everything and went to go stand in line to get her a social security number.

Kind of a milestone. wow.

The rest of the weekend was spent sending my hubby off to go do the show (Journey to Bethlehem at our church) without me. I had some kind of horrible 24 hour bug Friday night (or food allergy, we still haven’t figured that one out) so I missed Saturday’s show, and then various other little things cropped up: Ginny had a slight fever, so I stayed home Sunday, and then I was under the weather again on Monday so I missed that show as well.

I did get a lot of the presents wrapped and I listened to a whole bunch of Christmas music.  Mostly Travis Cottrell’s new CD “Ring the Bells”  good stuff that.

so…. What with being sick and being left alone in the house a lot, which is not good for me emotionally and it being Christmas….I can honestly say that standing in line at the government office was the highlight of the weekend.

how about you? how was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “interesting weekend

  1. I had to work all weekend. It wasn’t as bad as some weekends I’ve worked, but I was dead tired when I got home Sunday and went straight to bed.

    I think it should be a criminal offense to ask anyone to work all weekend. Let me know when you have some time, maybe you could come by for cider and a round of “White Christmas”


  2. It’s good to hear that some adoptive parents feel a bit strange about amended birth certificates. I was always amused that mine says that my adoptive mother had a normal pregnancy, and that I was her first live birth, oddly my sister’s birth certificate, who is a biological child, is also listed as my a-mom’s first live birth. (;

    Thank you for posting. I read a little bit of your blog just now. Just so you know, our approach is that we are trying to maintain close ties with the birth family so that there is never anything hidden. As a matter of fact our birth mom is listed in our pediatrician’s file as someone who they can call AND she can call in and ask anything she wishes about the child she so lovingly placed with us.


  3. My best friend and her little brother were legally adopted by their stepdad at the ages of 12 and 2; their birth certificates were also changed at that time to reflect him as their legal father. I think that’s a little weird. I understand if it’s a closed adoption (especially if the birth mother wishes to have no contact whatsoever with the child, as is the case with the adoptive family in our church), but I also hope birth certificates can be changed to reflect open adoptions. It almost seems as if they’re trying to deny genetics by not having the biological parents listed.


  4. We had Magsy’s birthday party. She got a cool red retro kitchen

    and a doll

    with about 5 outifts that her sister has pretty much adopted and would have the birth certificate changed if she could. And she got a tea set and some other odds and ends and she can hold up all 3 fingers and say “I’m FREE.”

    Good weekend 🙂


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