Christmas time is here by golly

I posted a few weeks ago about the sickness that takes over both my husband and myself when we think of Christmas.

We tend to get a little carried away with the decor.

But this year a limiting factor was introduced: Ginny.

Just simply having a 3 month old in our lives has casued us to re-think the prospect of wearing ourselves out to produce a house that looks like it should be on a tour of homes.  We’ve scaled back and gone for more of a simple homespun look this year.

Ivey helped hang ornaments

Ivey helped hang ornaments

Which is not to say we didn’t have fun.  Heck we even got the dogs and the cat into the act at one point.

dog days of Christmas

dog days of Christmas

Kenya catches Lucy in her net of many colors

Kenya catches Lucy in her net of many colors

We got the main tree up that first night. Sort of a nutcracker/children’s wooden toy theme.


and Ginny and I just sat and watched it for a while.



6 thoughts on “Christmas time is here by golly

  1. I love your tree. I wish I was created enough to come up with a diffrent theme each year. Our tree is an ecclactic collection of ornaments from my & Criag’s youth. Oranments we have aquired since we have been married and ones Jessie has made. It’s no the most creative tree. But, to me it feels like how our family’s tree should be. We can’t have a real tree, which I love real trees. Because our beloved daugther, Jessie, is very allergic to pine. Which we found out the hard way when she was 2 1/2 years old. the tree smelled awesome that year and looked so pretty. But, my poor little girl was getting a horrible cough and eventually broke out in hives. Silly me I thought she had Chicken pox. No, she was having an allergic reaction to our tree. So, no more real trees for me. I love my daughter dearly and would never want her to be sick from something I thought made Christmas. We bought a really good faux fraiser fur tree about 7 1/2 feet high. It looks great. I hate the prelit lights on it though. So, I made my poor husband hand colored twinkle light on top of the pre-lit white lights. A tree is what you make of it. Just like our Walk with God. Sometimes things work out great and other times you get what you get and you make it work for His glory.



  2. Hey Dierdre –
    You won the ornaments! I couldn’t find your e-mail anywhere so it’s in your court! Sorry about that. Send me an e-mail with your name/address and I’ll get them in the mail to you (probably just in time to pack them up for next year!).

    Package received by the way. Very cute. I ended up hanging them on our personal tree in our master bedroom upstairs. My husband had a fun idea: he says I should have a contest next year and pass them on too. So they sort of make their way around blog-land. But I don’t know. They are so cute….


  3. Your tree is beautiful! And, that is such a sweet photo of baby sleeping sweetly.

    Happy New Year!
    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs


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