Ginny’s christmas journal

My first Christmas.

I slept through the present opening frenzy at Grammy’s house

117but I woke up with a smile and proceeded to enjoy hanging out with family.  Grammy cooks lots of good food.  Maybe next year I will be ready to eat some of it.


I have a very handsome daddy. Though he sometimes does silly things, like putting one of my presents on his head.  I didn’t see this, cause I was asleep, but I found it in the pictures later on.


The day after Christmas, I needed to got to Texas to meet the rest of the family. So mommy and daddy and I hopped on a plane for a whirlwind trip.

It was so much fun to have more new people to charm.  And I love seeing all my cousins.  I love them so much.  Perhaps one day I’ll get to meet my brothers and sisters and that will almost be like meeting more cousins.


All in all I approve of this Christmas thing.  Seems kinda fun.  Mommy and Daddy tell me that it is not just a family reunion time, but that it is the birthday of some person named Jesus, which kinda sounds familiar, but I don’t have a real good idea of which family member he is yet.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day.

that’s all for now.  I need another bottle and a nap for now.




One thought on “Ginny’s christmas journal

  1. You get 3 packages from me in the mail? Hand me downs from Solvi!

    Yes, all three packages have arrived. Wonderful stuff! It’s like Christmas all over again. Thank you so much.


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