baptism, Jan 4th

wow what a weekend.

I seriously recommend getting baptism photos made the day before the event. We did and it was a life saver.

We took all the family and Ginny ( in her baptism dress) and went to Target. We got full group photos, baby pictures, small groupings. And we had time to let Ginny fuss and calm back down so that almost every shot is a good one. Not to mention professional lighting and camera operator.

This is in direct contrast to the post baptism photos where we were so frazzled (from directing 10 family members and various additional folks, trying to make it to choir, making sure Ginny didn’t spit up on her dress, or get cranky, trying to remain nice when what I wanted to do was just tell everyone what to do and to stop asking questions!  – I think I was a bit cranky – and the battery on our camera dying) that we took only four photos: two of the whole group and two of us with Ginny and the pastor.

Here, for your viewing pleasure are those four photos:


Christine, Matt, Stevie, Ivey, Pete Richard, Ann, Mel, Gini, Ginger, Deirdre, Martin, Ginny, Altie, Aaron, Ethan

I’ll post the photos from the Target photo shoot in two weeks when we get them.

For posterity here are the things you need to know from the baptism:

Dr. Richard Hunter got her names right. all of them.

Martin sweated a lot. I used the burp cloth more on his forehead than on the baby while we were up on the platform

Ginny didn’t spit up on the pastor, or cry in his ear, or scream during the prayer. She even smiled when they put the water on her head. She was an angelic baby.

All the namesakes were in attendance: Mama Altie, Gini Post and Mel & Stevie! We were so honored.

Ginny stayed quiet during the sermon. Even though it ran long.

She only screamed when the benediction started. Presumably this is because the benediction was 20 minutes later than normal. My four month old can tell time! cool.

One thought on “baptism, Jan 4th

  1. Congratulations! So how did your first visit go? How special that Mel and Steve could be there, too.

    Yes, we were so thrilled that they feel comfortable enough with us to be there. I know that there were moments that were hard for Mel especially. So I am very honored that they made the effort. Our whole family just loved them too.


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