plans for 2009

I just got tagged by a friend about what my new years resolutions are


I don’t really do resolutions anymore. BUT this is a good time to share some general thoughts on the direction I hope my year will take

Spiritual: memorize more scripture. God can’t speak to me in the midst of a panic situation if I don’t have His words inscribed on my heart.

Physical: value the body God gave me. Take care of it. Make good choices. This includes eating the proper foods and putting in the effort to burn a decent amount of calories.

Relational: treasure the moments I am in, not the ones to come. Life is about the journey, not the destination. My relationship with God, Martin, Ginny, the rest of my family, friends, co-workers. These are all things that should be treasured in the moment. I find that I spend too much time looking forward to events (Christmas, baptism, SCA events, a major project completion, etc..) and then when the event is over I look back and wonder where the time went.

My favorite moments from this Christmas are all relational. Just sitting at home with friends or family watching White Christmas or the Muppet Christmas Carol, or sitting in front of the tree with Ginny just watching her enjoy Christmas lights for the first time.

Sure the big moments were fun too. The Journey to Bethlehem, the big Christmas musical extravaganza, the chaos of Christmas morning, the whirlwind trip to Texas, the baptism of Ginny, the New Years spent playing Trivial Pursuit and boggle, the mid-nite Frizbee game. Those were all fun, but what makes them worth doing is the people.

The little jokes that came out of rehearsals for the Christmas musical evening were more meaningful than the actual evening, or the applause it garnered.

The quiet evening spent by myself wrapping presents and listening to Christmas CDs was a blessing. Not because I was alone, so much as that there was a certain amount of personal renewal that happened that evening that I needed in order to be a better wife to my husband, mother to my baby and friend to someone who needed me.

I read something the other day that I think is going to change a lot about me. At least I hope it will.

Live your life knowing fully that God is in the room with you.

Not in a “big brother watching you creepy” sense, but in a loving, relational sense. God is here, with me. If I spend my every minute aware of that, 2009 will be an amazingly blessed year.


2 thoughts on “plans for 2009

  1. Well, that scripture memorization one is easy!! Just download some more Seeds iTunes!!

    I just did Beth’s Psalms of Ascents and she talked about how the psalms were memorized by putting them to music. She went on about how God seems to have wired us to remember things that are sung, so it makes perfect sense to put scripture to song.

    TOTALLY. I have learned probably 25 verses in the past year, all from Seeds. And that is more than I learned the rest of my life.


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