going backwards

I’m sure we are all agreed that there can never be enough photos of Ginny on this blog.  And I have loads of christmas photos that I haven’t shared with you.

Add that to my total lack of anything inspiration to talk about this morning.  And it all adds up to a photo post about my darling girl.










that’s my happy girl.

I SERIOUSLY almost called in “cute” to work this morning.  Ginny was just too cute for me to leave the house.  I was 15 minutes late just from playing with her.  If you sit her up against the boppy pillow now she will hold the toy ball and “roll” it back to you.

All she is really doing is letting go of it and letting it fall back to me, but she knows it makes mommy say “wheeee!” and clap her hands.  And she brought her hands together  quickly in a clapping type gesture in response.

She is also leaning forward in a sitting position and propping herself up on her hands.  She short of looks like a tiny, adorable hairless gorilla in that position.  I’ll have to get a photo of it tonight.

that’s all for now.


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