airport photos

not really an interesting topic I know.  BUT this particular trip to the airport was to drop off Martin’s mother and Mel & Stevie from the baptism weekend so they could get back to their respective lives.

So we took lots of photos of Mel & Stevie with Ginny.  We want her to know how much she is loved by all of us.

Here they are. Enjoy.








Oh, and in baby news, Ginny turned over this morning.  From her tummy to her back.

the time to secure the furniture to the walls is fast approaching.  This child is about to be mobile!


One thought on “airport photos

  1. Even the airport pictures are great. Hope everyone had a good time.

    We did. I still wish you and Vivan could have come. It would have been so great to be able to meet you. And of course I just want to hug your mom’s neck everytime I think of her. She saved Ginny’s life on the night of the delivery when she insisted on taking Mel to the emergancy room.


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