baptism photo session

As promised, here are the low-resolution versions of the target photo session pictures.

We go to pick up the hard copies on Jan13th. I can hardly wait.

Anyway, here are the low-quality “proofs” they are still beautiful.


Martin, Ginny and Deirdre (we will need to make sure to take this same photo on her wedding day.  Just for fun)



This is Stevie and Mel (Ginny’s birth parents) who came to be with us for the baptism.  We were so honored that they trusted us with their baby and that they were comfortable enough to want to be there for this event as part of our family.


The whole gang.  My dad is the man sitting in front.  Martin’s mother Altie is beside him.  Two faces on either side of Martin’s head are Gini and Pete Post.  Gini is who we named our Ginny after.  The young giantess behind me is my niece Ivey and my mom is to Ivey’s left.



this is the five of US.  I can not say enough how grateful we are for Mel and Stevie and how much we love these two.  Please pray for them.  Stevie still has his job in Kansas, but Mel is having trouble finding work with this economic situation.




this was an important photo for us to get.  This is all FIVE names sakes in one photo.  Virginia Altie Aspen Gerard Russell.  How cool is that?


Mama Altie and Grammy (my mother Ann) holding Ginny



and of course the classic photo of Ginny with the dress.  This picture cracks me up though.  Cause now I know how they get babies to “sit up” for these pictures: they position dad UNDER THE DRAPE, lying flat on his tummy, with his arms out in front of him like superman.  after 5 minutes of waiting for the best shot of Ginny’s smile, Martin crawled out from under there looking MIGHTY disheveled.

Good thing that was the last photo of the day.


6 thoughts on “baptism photo session

  1. Deidre – Those are wonderful! I only wish we had the same kind of relationship with Jessica’s biological parents. We have contact, but not like you do. You are very lucky. Your situation is very unique and special. We need to talk soon.

    I know we are lucky. God has really been good to us. Every step of the way through this whole process His hand has been so evident. And the most incredible part of all is Ginny herself.


  2. Way Cool Photos!!! I’m so glad that everyone was able to be there. Your whole family will really treasure these photos.

    I can’t wait for you to meet her in March. Fun fact, we have a really great coupon for a photo session that expires in March, so right before Gulf we are going to get dressed up all medieval and go trooping off to Target for an SCA themed photo shoot. should be fun.


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