wake up with JOY

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

I love to plan.


So does God.

I think that no matter how good I am at it…..God’s plan is probably a better deal than mine.  Any day of the week.

God knows everything.  He is a much better planner than I am.  In His plan, I am an instrument made to bring Him glory. How often have I let my own plans or short sighted agendas  keep me from fulfilling my purpose?

How often have I fought God?  No LORD, I know what I’m doing here!  (sound silly?  yup.)

My beautiful daughter doesn’t fight God yet.  So far she starts everyday smiling and with joy bubbling up from deep inside her.

okay, okay, it APPEARS to be drool, but I know it for what it really is.

A joy-filled smile and a joy-filled heart.

Give me a child’s heart LORD.  Teach me not to plan my course in pride and arrogance,  but to greet you every morning with a smile of pure joy.

Knowing that you love me and that we will live each day together.

This verse is part of a scripture memorization plan that I’m doing with about 3400 of my closest friends over on Beth Moore’s ministry blog Living Proof Ministries.  Check it out.


3 thoughts on “wake up with JOY

  1. Praying for you today!

    Father in heaven, You have asked us to cast all our cares upon You, for You careth for us. I lay this family’s burden at Your Precious feet and ask You to provide their need. Lord, when the whole world turns their back on You and has no need of You, we cry out “We NEED You, LORD!” Hear our cry. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Love in Christ,
    Deborah Dominy

    Thanks. For the record though I am not hurting or burdened today. I was just writing about the verse that I was pondering. But thanks for the concern. I guess I need to work on my tone. 😉


  2. Your tone in this post did not prompt my comment.
    I just read LPM’s blog and saw your post about feeling the crunch of the economy. I wanted to encourage you. Sorry for the confusion…

    OH! Wow. thank you. What a lovely thing you are doing to not only pray for those needs mentioned there, but to go to their blogs and let them know you care. God will bless that effort, and you.


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