update on Ginny’s RSV

She is responding well to treatment.

The coughing and wheezing continue, and she sleeps a lot, but she has no fever and she still wakes with smiles and joy everytime we disturb her rest to give her a bottle or medicine.

thanks for your prayers.

Sunday Update:

Ginny is still doing well.  We did have to call the on-call nurse in the middle of the night because it was questionable whether she was responding to treatment, but she cleared up while we were on the phone with the nurse.  so that was good.

If there is a funny part to all this (aside from the irony of her getting something so serious as her very first sickness) it would be that my husband is a hockey fan, and our doctor is the one who got to go to the game on Friday.

Let me explain.  On Friday morning was when Ginny woke up with rattling breathing sounds.  We both thought that since Ginny has been drooling more, due to teething, that she had just breathed in some drool and was trying to bring it back up.  no big deal.

We took her to my mom’s for the day, left instructions for Grammy to call us if things got worse and went to work.

Mid afternoon a co-worker, Carol, walked up to my desk and said “hey, you wanna go to the hockey game tonight, I’ve got really good seats to give away”    um…okay, I am married to a hockey fan who hasn’t been to a real hockey game in at least three years.  I guess I’m a bad wife and I should take him more often.  ANYWAY, I said “SURE I WANT to.  Let me call my mom and see if it’s okay with her”

Mother said it was fine, Martin said YIPEEE, I went to Carol’s office to pick up the tickets and we were all set.

or so we thought.

not 10 minutes after that exchange, Martin called me back.

“honey, how close are you to your 40 hours for the week?”

me: “um…I dunno….let me check……..why?”

him: “cause your mom just called.  Ginny is still wheezing and she thinks we need to take her to the doctor”

me: “oh.  Well  alright.  I’m CERTAIN it’s just teething issues, but okay.  I checked my hours.  I was overtime about 2 and a half hours ago, so we can leave anytime you want.”

So that’s what we did.  We went to the doctor(who’s name is Jenny by the way.  This is not our regular pediatrician, but one of her trainees) with our tiny baby girl who has never been sick in her life, no matter how many adults in the house were sick, planning to hear that this was just a teething/drool issue and that we could leave her with Grammy and go on a date to a hockey game.  I think it says a lot about how few dates we go on now that I was looking forward to the game….and I don’t really like hockey.

So when the doctor said, let’s just test for RSV, I was like, okay sure, whatever makes you happy.  Then she came back in with a positive result I about fell over.  I would like to stress that I didn’t panic exactly.  But At that point there was NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH I was going to leave my baby to go to a hockey game.

I hope Carol doesn’t mind on Monday when I tell her that on the way out the door I offered the tickets to the receptionist.  The receptionist didn’t want them “But the doctor is a hockey fan” she said.  So I went running back down the hall and gifted the tickets to the doctor.

I certainly hope Dr. Jenny had fun at the game.


3 thoughts on “update on Ginny’s RSV

  1. Nebulizers are great things…..I have used mine twice in the last 24 hours.
    What med is she on?
    Hope she gets better soon.

    albuterol for the wheezing and a saline solution to help break up the “gunk” in her lungs.


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