in-take and out-go

nope this is NOT a post about the economy or my personal finances.

This is just a note to say that Ginny is doing okay still.  The breathing treatments are helping with that aspect of her sickness.

She still doesn’t have a fever, so that’s good news.

But she had some eating troubles yesterday.  Well….not so much trouble eating, but trouble keeping it down.

She consumed 21 ounces, but over the course of the day approximately 6 of it ….left her.  precipitously……all over my mom.

Not all at once of course.  It was on two separate occasions.  Might have been better for my mom if it had been all at once.  Then she would only have had to get cleaned up and change clothing once, instead of twice in one day.

*sigh* oh well.

The major worry for me at this point is that Ginny’s total intake levels dropped down to essentially 15 ounces in a 24 hours period, when she typically takes 30 ounces a day.

So pray that she keeps her food down and that we don’t have to start worrying about dehydration and all the attendant problems that come with it.




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