little things DO matter

This morning my husband and I were talking about trips we had taken together and he did something that stunned me.

He remembered an exact sentence of mine, about something relatively inconsequential from a conversation that happened at least 3 years ago!

I can’t say that I was instantly impressed.  But upon reflection, I think that I am going to cherish that for a very long time.

When I got to work my co-workers were all trading stories about how their various spouses or boyfriends had messed up on the gift giving portion of certain holidays.  Valentines being one of the popular ones to rant about.

We laughed, we comisserated, and we ranted and laughed some more.

I bragged on my man for his annual habit of walking to the florist, buying a small bouquet and HAND DELIVERING them to me at my office in front of everyone.  I also told the story about one Valentines where he forgot and the (in retrospect) hilarious mess-up that ensued.

But now that all that is over and I’m sitting at my desk, it occurs to me that I didn’t brag on my man enough.  Or rather, I didn’t brag about the right thing.

The right thing is this:

He remembered, for no real life-changing reason, my exact words in a random conversation.

Which proves that He Pays Attention.

I didn’t ask him to prove anything, and he wasn’t doing it deliberately, it just happened naturally, in the course of a random conversation.  wow.  Makes me feel very warm and fuzzy……and very very loved.

So if there are any guys out there reading this (highly unlikely, but whatever) know this.

You can buy your lady anything you want, you can write her long flowery poems, but what really does it for us: pay attention to us.  Show us in the little ways, every day that we matter to you.

And to my husband – I love you Martin.  You amaze me constantly, and I thank God for bringing you into my life.

Happy (almost) Valentines dear one.

Your “Deir”  Deirdre

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