I want my long hair back.

Frankly I could just strangle all the people who ganged together to convince me that short hair was the best choice I could make as a new mother.

What was I thinking?

let’s walk through this, slowly.

Back when I had long hair I had lots of different, elegant looks available to me.  I could spend hours styling it, or just braid it back to get it out of the way.  Took about 90 seconds to braid.  No big deal.   I  washed my hair about once a week.  It was very healthy and strong.   I almost never used a hair dryer or curling iron on it.   If I needed curls I could roll it up in baby socks like my mother used to do before bed and when I wake up – curls!.   And here’s a new flash, most long hair styles that involve being pulled up can be accomplished even if my hair was shockingly dirty.  All I had to do was pull it up in a pony tail, wrap the tail around a couple of times, pin it and voila! a bun.

No muss. No fuss.  No issues.

But now that my hair is short I have to wash it, blow dry it and style it (which takes about an hour and half) every two days or it looks HORRIBLE.  And all that styling (heat, products and more products)   is really drying out my hair.

Now, you tell me, what mother of a five month old regularly has an hour and a half to spend on nothing more than an attempt to look presentable for work every other day?  And that’s assuming something nasty and/or sticky hasn’t been added to my hair by the aforementioned five month old just for fun on one of my “non-hair styling days”

How would YOUR boss react if you said, hi! So Sorry I’m late, but my child put her sticky hands in my hair and I know you want me to look professional, so I just had to stop everything, find a sitter, and re-wash and style my hair.  Now, what did I miss at that 10 o’clock meeting?

Folks short hair is a mom-cut ONLY IF YOU HAVE SERVANTS OR A LIVE IN HAIR STYLIST.  or if you are willing to have it completely air dried and flat I suppose.  But I can’t do that.  I have a traditional front desk receptionist type job.  I do a lot more than that, but I also have to be presentable, professional and pleasing to look at.  Its part of my JOB to set a certain …tone for the office.

So I am officially going back to long hair.  It’s gonna take a while to grow out.  But in the mean time, if you run into me….please don’t compliment me on the cute haircut.  Yes, it is cute.  Yes I can OCCASIONALLY make it look enough like Beth Moore to make it worth while, but it’s a lot of work and I am sick to death of it.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of any mom considering getting a short haircut.

oh, and Ginny is doing really well.  Thank you for all your prayers.


6 thoughts on “mom-cuts….aren’t

  1. LOL! I got my hair cut short thinking, Hey … it’ll look better and it’ll be easier.

    SO NOT … now, granted, short hair is flattering to me, but like you, I discovered I have to mess with it a lot more to make it look good. Concurrently, I discovered a shocking lack of girlie-girl genes when it comes to hairstyling. (I actually sprained my neck once trying to blow dry it around a round brush.)

    I am slowly getting better, and I find that with a combination of curlers and brushes I can usually manage to get something that I like. But still, it’s a lot more extra time.

    Unfortunately, my hair is baby fine, so long is awkward in that it doesn’t like to do much of anything and it lays flat flat flat against my head after a certain length. But I’m moving back towards the “growing it out” pendulum swing, because I’m tired of fooling around with it.

    LOL yup. Feel your pain sistah. I actually wrenched my shoulder working it with a round brush.


  2. Seriously? Short hair is that much trouble for you???
    I had long hair until brain surgery six years ago, and I fully intended to grow it out again. Until I discovered how easy short hair is for me.
    I blow it dry and “style” it in about five minutes. Tops.
    Keep trying, sister. You’ll find something that works!


  3. Well at least you have a cute style while you grow it out. Look forward to seeing it long again! And Yay you for not going shorthair! (and who by all the gods ganged up on you to cut it? Bunch of jealous mommies who miss their hair, I bet — you show ’em!)

    But that’s my point, I did go with short hair, so now I have the tedious process of growing it back out to look forward to. fun fun fun. By the way, welcome to my blog!


  4. Good choice.

    Says the woman with the waist length hair who doesn’t even OWN a blowdryer.

    wait a minute. Your hair is back to waist length ALREADY!!!!! Okay woman, what are you taking? and can I have some?


  5. Guss it kinda depends on the hair. Short hair for me was easier as it was wash and go, Long hair, at least in winter I have to plan when I am going to wash my hair as it takes more than an hour to blow dry or 8+ hours to air dry.
    That said I still am happy to have long hair again, although in the next couple of months I need to have it straightened again, which is very expensive when you have long thick hair.


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