update on Ginny’s RSV

okay, we saw the doctor Wednesday and she said that Ginny was very very much improved and that she is gonna be fine.

the big thing now is to keep from re-infecting her, or adding any new infection on top of the one she has just fought off.

So Martin and I are sort of in a limited version of quarantine.  There is a certain amount of danger in that we are both still in work environments where we can’t control the state of the people we interact with all day.  But we try to mitigate that by hand washing and such.  the radical change in our lives is that we aren’t allowed to take Ginny to any of our usual places.  We can’t take her grocery shopping, or go out to eat with her (restaurants ARE her favorite place to sleep you will recall), or bring her to choir, or even church. Our friends are all convinced that we have dropped off the face of the earth.

But really, we are still here.  We are just living in a “very quiet style”

Continued prayers are appreciated.  My mom also got RSV because she is older and has already weakened lungs.  So it hit her kinda hard.   The timing was such that we don’t know if she gave it to Ginny, or if Ginny gave it to Grammy.  It really doesn’t matter.  But she too is feeling much better now.


2 thoughts on “update on Ginny’s RSV

  1. Deirdre and Martin,
    We’re praying that Ginny continues to feel better. You two are wonderful parents and we’re just ecstatic for you! Thanks for keeping us in your loop. Your blog is terrific, I read every word of it.
    Love, Gail and Porter

    Hi Gail! Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for coming and reading it. Wow. That’s quite a compliment coming from you!!!
    We definitely need to get together for dinner in August when we come up to Boulder again. There’s this great little Indian restaurant…..


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