movie review

okay, football season is over, Ginny is feeling better and it’s time for my first movie review of the 2009 non-football viewing season.

I watch a movie this weekend.  FOUR TIMES.

My five month old laughed, squealed and bounced her way through it.  Almost singing along with the catchy songs.

any guesses which  movie?

I’ll help you along.

the reviewers panned it.  Said it was too silly.  they said the actors couldn’t sing.  They said the whole thing was too contrived.

I totally disagree.

They sounded to me like real people who are not professional singers.  The story was perfect.  Yes it was silly, but it was also real.  Real people are inconsistent.  Real people do act silly and outrageous sometimes.  Real people don’t always sing on the right key or have perfect hair.

Real people make mistakes, and sometimes they come back home to roost in unexpected ways.

And real people have real bodies, that age.  And don’t necessarily look as good in a tight 70’s glam rock outfit as they used to.

Yes, the movie I watched FOUR times in one weekend was Mama Mia.  And, are you ready for this? Martin watched it with me.  All Four Times.  We watched it straight, then we did the director’s comments  twice through(which were really good by the way) and then we did the karaoke version.

And if I get a chance, I’ll watch it again.  Yes, Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep  have aging voices. Who cares?  I think it came across as people who used to sing in a band but now are older.

anyway, loved it, loved it, loved it.  Silly, sweet, funny, touching, tender, and real.

Anybody wanna come over and give me an excuse to hit “play” again?  it is still in the DVD player. Just waiting.

Mama Mia….here we go again………………………


One thought on “movie review

  1. I’m so glad!! My mom, Lily, and i totally love it. It is totally cheesy. Pierce Brosnan can totally not sing. But you know what, i didn’t care either! I’m sure the actually theater version is 100 times better, but this one just makes me happy. You can’t help but sing, smile, and wiggle in your seat a bit. It’s just a cheesy, feel good, silly escape from reality, and there is nothing better than that!

    And do you know what BLOWS MY MIND? Meryl Streep is SIXTY YEARS OLD. I want to be that active and look that good when I’m sixty. WOW.


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