Ginny’s 6 months photos

Ginny turned 6 months old this past weekend.  At the risk of sounding totally cliche….WOW.  where did the time go?

She is an absolute joy.  And to share that joy, here are a few photos of her adorable self.

asleep on Grammy

asleep on Grammy

This was from about 2 weeks ago when Ginny was so sick.  But even sick, she was a delightful child.

somber sailor

somber sailor

This was on Sunday, Ginny’s actual 6 months date.  My mom had bought her this sailor outfit and Ginny is growing so fast we figured we’d better put her in it before she outgrows it.  Well we won’t be getting her anymore of that type of dress any time soon.  From the minute I put it on her to the minute we took it off, she. did. not. smile.  She gave us this very offended look and made it perfectly clear that she did not like this outfit.



Ginny’s first snow came on her 6 month date.  It was very wet snow and we saw no reason to take her out in it, but we did take photos of her watching the snow as it came down.  We also took a couple of  shots of just the snow coming down.

looking out Grammy's window

looking out Grammy's window

with MAK

with MAK

Here is the monthly photo of Ginny with her bear, MAK.   It’s a little out of focus, but she would NOT stay still!!!!

So that was our weekend.  Half-birthdays, snow and packing for our annual March vacation trip.  More on that later this week.

hope everyone who got snow enjoyed it.


One thought on “Ginny’s 6 months photos

  1. Great pictures, the one with Mak is great, those are my favorite because even in Wi. I can see how big she is getting. Thank you.


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