seven months and using a cup

Ginny is seven months old now.

She sits up on her own for long periods of time.  She plays on her own very well. Humming and talking to herself and her toys.  She loves giving smiles to everyone and is laughing and verbalizing a lot.  Raspberries and buzzing sounds, along with our favorite hhhmmmmmmmmm  are the “words”-of-the-week.

The big news this week is that she used a cup on her own.

Yes, you read that right.

a real cup.

no sippy cup lid.

no handles.

a. real. cup.

what? don’t believe me?

okay.  here.


She reaches for the cup with both hands, we give it to her, expecting to have to guide it to her mouth and she takes it and just puts it right to her lips and drinks.  Then she lowers it halfway, grins at daddy and bring it to her mouth again!!!!  The first time she did it I didn’t get the camera.  I just sat there.  Stunned.  then I did what any normal mom would do….I called my mother and bragged on my baby. *grin*

I’ll admit, she didn’t know how to put it down without tipping the cup over.  And she does get a fair amount down her shirt in the process.  I think she is going to have to start taking her meals in just a diaper.  but still!  a Cup ya’ll!  I’m so proud I could just bust.

She is a little delayed on the whole eating thing because of her RSV.  The pediatrician said to hold off on the whole new world of solid foods till after that trauma was done.  so we didn’t even start solids till two or three weeks ago.  She has gone through rice cereal and oatmeal and is starting on vegetables this week.  We went with carrots first and she is okay with them.  Not thrilled, but okay.

So that’s the Ginny update for now.  And here are some photos of Ginny with her bear, MAK.  We take these every month to show how much she has grown.  Normally I place her on her back on the floor and put MAK next to her so you can get a good comparison.  But this month she just would not cooperate.  I got the photos, but she wasn’t thrilled about being on her back and she kept blinking.  so then I let her sit up and just play with MAK and the shoot went much better.  Mommy is learning.


wouldn’t you just do anything in the world for that sweet face?


3 thoughts on “seven months and using a cup

  1. Ok, even I have to admit, she looks damn cute in those pictures! ;->

    hello again. yes she is cute. I put one of the photos of her and the bear up on my desk top at work and now I have to keep other windows open or I get no work done. I just gaze at Ginny…and giggle.


  2. What a sweet, big girl! I cannot believe how much she has grown.
    She is absolutely adorable… you are not just biased.
    And the cup… Wow! Bring it on and keep it up. That’s awesome!

    Missy got me started bragging on my child and now there is just no stopping me!!!!!


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