the electronic baby book

I do not want to take attention away from what is happening in India right now. It is hugely meaningful and we all need to jump on the bandwagon and sponsor a child.

But since this blog is in essence a type of electronic baby book,  I do feel compelled to record the fact that my baby girl loves strained peas.

Ginny just turned 8 months old yesterday and I will be posting photos of her soon, but I just had to make sure I record, for posterity, that one small fact.

She took both rice and oatmeal cereals well.  She was okay with carrots. She put up with sweet potatoes.


She LOVES pureed green peas.

She also knows the difference between American soccer and European soccer.  Or at least, she knows which one she likes best.

How do I know this?  Well Martin is a soccer fiend and has recently rediscovered a passion for the English football club called Arsenal. (I personally am into Manchester United, but so is everybody else, so that’s nothing special)  Martin has been a fan of Arsenal since he was a little boy living in England.

Arsenal is an okay club, but rooting for them over the years was sort of like being a Cubs fan for a while there……..until this year when all of a sudden they are in the semi finals of the UEFA Champions cup.

So anyway, we’ve been watching a lot of soccer.  And Ginny likes it.  She will sit up in Martin’s arms and watch intently for at least half the game, then snuggle down and go to sleep to the dull roar of an Arsenal match.

Well Americans do play soccer too.  And about a week ago Martin wanted to watch an american soccer match just to see if it was any fun to watch.  It wasn’t impressive.  I mean it wasn’t bad or anything.  But it just wasn’t the same. Kinda boring.  Even Ginny was fussy while we watched about half a game.

Eventually I called out from the kitchen, “can we please switch over to my Manchester United game ?  I mean I don’t know why, but I just can’t get into this”

The answer came back “yeh, okay.  This really isn’t doing anything for me either”

Martin picked up the remote, with Ginny held in his arms she was facing away from the TV.  He changed the program.  Now I’ve got my Man-U game on…..and Ginny’s head swiveled round and she bounced in Martins arms and gurgled.

She knew instantly that “her” type of soccer was on.  The crowd noise is vastly different and makes more of an impact on the enthusiasm of viewers than you might think.

So here’s to cheering sections every where: you ARE making a difference.  Whether you know it or not.

And here’s to the little one-person cheering section that is a Compassion child sponsor – YOU make a huge a difference in the life of your sposored child.  You could be the first person who consistently tells them that they are loved and that they can do something with their lives.

And that can make all the difference.


2 thoughts on “the electronic baby book

  1. Don’t get complacent. My son LOVED pureed vegetables of all kinds. That’s all he ate.

    THEN he turned 2.

    And hasn’t had a vegetable pass his lips in two years.

    well complacency is exactly what I’m trying to help fight right now. A slightly different kind of complacency mind you….but I get your point.


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