tips for praying in traffic

In honor of tomorrow and the National Day of Prayer I thought I would post a few tips for Praying in Traffic…since that is where a lot of us actually pray.

  • do not close your eyes
  • pray out loud  (it might help you stay awake so that you don’t hit someone)
  • bless your enemies****
  • remember to start your prayer with PRAISE.  Thank God for what you have.  Whether it be a roof over your head, a job, your health, or “just” that you are alive.  I am assuming here that if you are reading this blog that you are indeed alive.  If you read this blog and you are already dead…….I don’t want to know about it, ‘kay?
  • pray for our leaders at ALL levels (local, regional, national)
  • and remember Genesis 18:14 “Nothing is too difficult for God!”

**** enemies here means ANYONE you dislike.  From the guy who just cut you off in traffic to the member of the opposition party who just got elected to public office.  God has very explicit instructions for praying for our enemies: we are supposed to pray SPECIFICALLY for blessings to rain down on them.   Luke 6: 27 & 28/Matthew 5:44/Romans 12:20/Proverbs 25:21/Exodus 23:4


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