the perfect mother’s day gift

I got the most amazing gift ever this Mother’s Day.  My first mother’s day.

Was it the email from Ginny’s natural grandma congratulating me on my first mother’s day and wishing us well?

No.  That was wonderful, but that wasn’t it.

Was it Manchester United beating Arsenal to go to the finals of the UEFA Champions cup?

Nope.  good game, but that wasn’t it.

Was it the phone call from Mel, Ginny’s birth mother to say “Happy Mother’s Day”?

Nope. That was really nice and we are thrilled that we are still so close to Ginny’s birth parents and we hope to remain so for a very long time.  We made sure that Ginny “sent” flowers to her birth mommy too.  Daddy paid, but Ginny picked them out.  Purple flowers to match her room and a teddy bear holding the vase.

Was it the plane tickets Martin’s mother bought for us so that we could come out and see her in Dallas for Mother’s Day?

No.  It was great to spend time with Martin’s siblings and his mom, but no that wasn’t it.  Though it indirectly helped with the delivery of my perfect gift.

Because we were in Dallas for the weekend instead of at home we were in a hotel room type setting, with all three of us in one room.  Martin and I in a bed and Ginny in a crib that the hotel staff had waiting for us.  So when the alarm went off early Sunday morning it not only woke us up, it woke up Ginny.  She is not used to hearing an alarm clock.  Normally Martin and I are in a different room of the house and Ginny gets to wake up gently, on her own time, at her own speed.

But not on this particular  Sunday.

So now the alarms has gone off.  We are all “awake.”  Martin and I both rolled out of bed, groaning and grumbling and shuffled to the bathroom for the usual activities.  On the way I visually checked on Ginny.  Yup, she’s awake.  Thumb in her mouth, looking  sleepy.

When I came back out of the bathroom I went to her crib again and smiled at her (since I was awake now and all) she took her thumb out of her mouth, gave  me a huge grin , put her arms up to be picked up and said “MAMA!”

Martin popped his head out of the bathroom door and said “wow!”

I laughed, swooped her up and hugged and  kissed my Ginny girl for giving her adoptive mommy such a wonderful gift on Mother’s Day.

she’s been working on her mamamamamamamamamama sounds for a while now and has been saying mama to everything and everyone for about a week, but this was absolutely intentional and directed at me.

Thank you Ginny.  You are amazing.

p.s. she also started saying “Elmo” this weekend and she can make “elmo” and “mama” sound different.  Not bad for 8 months old.  Oh and we started her on “dada” on the way home on the plane.

mothers day MAMA


4 thoughts on “the perfect mother’s day gift


    Sweetest sound EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And she is obviously a genius.

    I am so happy for you, i know you waited a long long time to hear that precious word. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    love you

    Hey. Wanted to tell you that we got your gift. LOVE the bows! She has already worn three of them. too cute. Thank you so much sweetie. You are the best.


  2. What a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

    Thank you so much for your comment regarding Mother’s Day. God has been doing a lot in my heart this past week or so and your comment was yet another confirmation of how great God is!

    I am so glad. I will pray for your continued comfort in Christ.


  3. That is awesome. I had a similar experience with Jake. I made him laugh for the first time on Mother’s day. No one else – just me. I posted a video too. I am so happy for you that you have such a good relationship with Ginny’s birthparents. She is super cute. We need to get together soon and talk ❤

    Aw! Thank you Jake!
    That would be lovely. I’m off on Tuesdays during the summer (working a 4 day/40 hour week) but I don’t have a car unless I arrange it ahead of time, so drop me an email.


  4. Solvi did nothing special for this 2nd Mother’s day – but the day was wonderful nonetheless. [Zig and Ed had bought a “musical card” fo the both of us to share.] She brought me my mother’s day card in bed – signed in big swirling loops and scrawls, and played it over and over – just for me.

    MAN that Elmo guy gets around! Solvi has become addicted to Sesame Street (which she calls “Sunny day”) and will remain glued to both TV and computer videos with “Elmoernie” in them – or Big bird or cookie monster – but mostly Elmo. What IS it about that guy?


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