humility of purpose

This past week a preacher I heard prayed this at the beginning of his sermon

Lord may anything I say be forgotten as quickly as possible.  May anything YOU say through me be remembered and may it grow in the hearts of the hearers


I want that kind of humilty of purpose.  Too often I want to be remembered.

Lord make me utterly transparent.  Let them remember YOU.


4 thoughts on “humility of purpose

  1. Hey Screamofcontinuousness,

    I wanted to thank and praise the Lord for you for you post the other day on my blog. I had my embryo transfer yesterday, so around Memorial Day I will find out if it worked, and if I am pregnant. I do have a peace. It is from Him, I know. Thanks again for your post. Hugs back to you:)


    I’ll be praying.


  2. Hi! So good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by today. *grin*
    As for this humility of purpose – oh – that is my heart’s desire, too. There is a constant battle with my flesh which wants to be “remembered” and “seen,” but the desire of my heart is to simply point women and mothers to God.

    Lord, let it be true of me that I live for only You!


  3. Hey Screamofcontinuousness

    Thank you and praise the Lord for your comment on my blog! I know that He loves His children soo much! I think my third fertilized egg hasn’t divided since the day of my transfer of the other two, I don’t know for sure, but I think that that third one is with the Lord. That does comfort me, to think that if they did not make it, that they are with HIM. That is the most precious thing…With much love in HIM,



  4. I have been bad about commenting too, but I’m always checking in! I love seeing the pictures of Ginny growing up! It seems like just a short time ago I was praying for a baby to fall into your family and now look how big she is!!

    I didn’t comment after reading this post originally, but this quotes been circling in my mind for days and days. It’s exactly how i want to be. Sometimes my mouth runs so much that I just pray anything that spewed out without proper thought is forgotten quickly. Thanks for sharing these words!


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