run the race, or hobble, whatever


Just keep running. Or walking, limping or even crawling along.

Even when you can’t see progress.

Even when you don’t know if you are doing any good.

Even when no one is thanking you.

Even when it all seems hopeless.

Just. Keep. Going.

Long after you have stopped asking “why?”

When your shoes wear out.

When the strength seems to just be gone.

You find a way to dig deep, find inspiration and keep going.  Just one foot at a time.

This is perseverance.

And so is this.


Oh, and here is some inspiration to persevere.

Haven’t joined the race yet?  Click here to find a child who is already running a harder race than any of us here in middle class America can fully comprehend.  You can partner with them.  Encourage them.  Send your love through letters and photos and real tangible on-the-ground assistance.  To help them, and you, carry on.

Run the race.



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