9 months and counting

Ginny turned nine months old this weekend.

She is keeping us very busy.  But she has already developed a bad habit: she keeps getting me to skip church.  See her nap time is normally 9:30 or 10:00 to about noon.

Which means that if we go to church with her, we end up with a very cranky baby for lunch who is over tired all afternoon and has trouble getting to sleep that evening as well.  All of which makes getting up Monday doubly hard.

We haven’t quite figured out what to do about this yet.  If you have any advice, feel free to leave it in the comments. so far our “solution” has been to send Martin to church while I stay home and watch Ginny.

In the meantime: here are the most recent photos of Ginny.

alseep with Elmo at my office
alseep with Elmo at my office
daddy makes me giggle!
daddy makes me giggle!

9 months 015

so much bigger than MAK now!!!
so much bigger than MAK now!!!
i love to laugh!
i love to laugh!

She seriously does love to laugh.  I have never met such a happy baby.

I need to get film of her walking.  She holds onto our hands and laughs the whole time.  It is her favorite game right now.


5 thoughts on “9 months and counting

  1. Oh, Ginny, I love you!!!

    The church thing – eck. We would try and get them a little power nap from 9-10, wake them up, and then go to the 11am service. Usually the power nap would make them bearable in the nursery. Then when they were a little older, we would go, but feed them lunch in the car on the way home and then immediately throw them in bed as soon as we walked in the door.

    Ike is FINALLY at an age where he can hang till 1pm without falling apart – FREEDOM. The best part – we can go to Sunday School! Yippee!

    I’m starting to consider the early service, or wake her up early and get the nap out of the way early. I did that today for a play date and it worked rather well.


  2. One possible solution is for her to sleep in a baby sling or some sort of carrier while at church.

    We’ve tried that. She loves to listen to the choir and the sermon! And if by some chance she does get sleepy…well nap almost always involves somewhere between 1 minute and 10 minutes of crying as she settles in to sleep. Not really what you want in the middle of a church service.


  3. Mmmmm. Wish I knew what to tell you about the church thing. I honestly can’t remember if we had similar issues with our kids during church.
    I CAN say this: I love, love, LOVE the pictures! Ginny is adorable, and I am confident you’ll be able to love her through this church struggle.

    I know we will. ’cause as far as I’m concerned, church is not “optional” till you are living out from under my roof. But that’s kinda inconsistent of me right now…..So we are gonna have to get this figured out BEFORE she gets old enough to remember this phase of her life.


  4. We always went to church at the crazy time of 8 am when my boys were that agae. Perfect for them!

    She is getting so big, and so cute!!

    Ya know, that is a good idea. Much as I hate the idea of getting up that early on Sunday (since we do it the rest of the week too) I’ll suggest it to Martin.


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