don’t cross the screams..I mean streams

I was getting bogged down (or is that blogged down?) in the search for a new blog name.

All kinds of creative things were percolating around in my busy brain.  I knew I liked the water/bridge motiff.  I really liked the stream idea, since they are such a great metafore for life.  Water, the Holy Spirit, peace, the music water makes, the water 0f life.  These are all things I wanted to work with.  did you ever think about how a stream would not make music if it didn’t have rocks to gurgle over?   if the bed of the stream was perfectly smooth, there would be no musical tinkle and trickle and flowing sounds.  Our lives are like that.  We need obstacles and things to flow over in order to make music for our creator and our fellow creatures.

sorry. small digression there. 

Finally one person suggested something so blindingly simple.   It stopped my whirlingbrain in its tracks.

She said that she had never realized the pun, she always read the blog title inside her head as “stream of consciousness” and it wasn’t until she went to put me in her blog roll that she realized that it was something else.

So, I’m going the easy route.  The URL will remain screamofcontinuousness, but the blog title will be

stream of consciousness

Now I just have to learn how to consistently spell consciousness properly.  Without having to think about it so hard.


5 thoughts on “don’t cross the screams..I mean streams

  1. I have to admit, it wasn’t till my husband (who also read your blog) said your title outloud to me one day that I realized it was scream and not stream too! I guess we just have some things engrained in our brain and unless we really pay attention we don’t notice little changes!

    As for the road trip, you are welcome anytime! We do have a little portable DVD player that we occasionaly use in the last hour of the trip when the kids start to be crazy, or to keep someone awake if we need that. 99% of the time though we are old school on the road. I love them watching out the window and dreaming, reading books, singing to the radio. I think kids need to learn to entertain themselves now and then. Not to say my kids don’t have days with way too much TV or that I might not be tempted to use the DVD more if it were embedded in my vehicle. I just wonder what this generation will be like when they grow up and chat about road trips, will all they be able to remember is what movie they watched on the way? How sad is that!

    Your kids, and mine, will stand out. They will actually know how to play road games (like guess how many miles the next mileage sign is going to say, and placing bets on how many cows will be in the next field, and license plate bingo) and sing songs with their family. They will know what the scenery actually looks like outside their window.

    For the record I have no problem with DVD players per se. As long as whatever is being watched is used as a starting point for actual conversation afterwards. Or perhaps is related to where the family is heading.


  2. OK, and as I was reading what your commenter THOUGHT she was reading, I read “stream of continuousness.”
    See? When we have a certain thing in our head it doesn’t really matter what is there. We see what we think we’re seeing.
    Minds. They’re hard to figure out! *grin*
    Glad you have your name-change settled.


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