Boulder photos

tired mommy, happy Ginny

tired mommy, happy Ginny

This is a pretty good depiction of what we looked and felt like after that 12 hour airport ordeal.  Bleary eyed and happy to finally be barefoot and at the cabin.  Ginny’s bottle was being heated up and we were only about 20 minutes from bed at this point.  ah….heaven.

the wall of family history

the wall of family history

This is the grand-kids wall.  There is a kids wall that is the whole family from Martin’s generation.  Seems like Everybody who grew up as a Russell or Spears kid has their hand print and height marked on this wall.   These bathrooms will NEVER be re-painted.  This was like the final symbolic culmination of our adoption of Ginny.  If you enlarge the photo I think you can see the her little hand is resting on her hand tracing.  I got goose bumps when we did this.

mama altie, martin, ginny & me

mama altie, martin, ginny & me

This, of course, is the obligatory shot of the family in Boulder. I think we all pose here in this spot every time.  I love having tea out on that porch and just gazing at the mountains.


2 thoughts on “Boulder photos

  1. Ok, so I totally got teary thinking about he handprint wall. I love it!

    Me too. We took Ginny up there when she was about six weeks old, but we totally forgot about doing the hand print thing. So it was driving me crazy cause I didn’t think we were gonna make it back out there before she turned one. But thanks to Martin’s mom, we did! so yay!


  2. 0h my gosh, I want to sit on that porch and have tea…

    and snuggle me some Ginny head…

    anytime babe. We go up every year. normally in August, but I want to go up sometime when it is cold too. So just let me know. The kids would love it when it’s snowing next year….and there’s plenty of space. A full bed with bath down stairs and one on the main floor as well, plus a guest bath and TWO bedroom with pairs of single beds in each. So we could absolutely take care of all of your family and mine, no problem.


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