well hail did freeze over…

Okay. This weekend went better than I expected on a number of fronts.

First off I took out that wretched pony tail while I was still at work on Friday.  I went to the bathroom armed with a hairbrush and an iron determination that I would come out of there with hair that looked at least marginally decent and was comfortable.

okay, now don’t freak out.  I rinsed my head in the sink and re-stlyed it right there in the bathroom.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Short hair does have it’s occasional benefits.

So, that took care of my headache and I set out for the airport in a much more cheerful frame of mind.

which was a good thing.  Because the airlines were not my friend this weekend.

We got through security just fine.  I really think we are starting to get a handle on this whole “getting us and baby and baby’s stuff through security” gig.  No problem there.

We got on the plane.

the plane sat at the gate.

and sat.

and sat.

confession time.  I had deliberately timed Ginny’s feedings so that she would want a bottle during take off.  Which is one of the best ways I know of to keep a baby’s ears/eustacean tubes comfortable during such a rapid change in altitude.  But the plane is just sitting.  And Ginny was getting past hungry and into angry.  I finally gave up and decided that we’d better go ahead and feed her.

good choice as it turns out.

FORTY FIVE MINUTES LATER the mechanics finally signed off on whatever it was they were doing and we could leave the gate.

Have I mentioned that we timed our flight so that we would arrive in Denver one hour before Martin’s mother?  Have I also mentioned we had concerns about Mama Altie’s safety if she were to find herself alone in the airport.  We HAD to get to that gate.

yup. so the “paperwork issues” have eaten up 45 minutes of our safety margin.  Ya’ll we HAVE to get to Mama Altie’s gate before she has a chance to wander off on her own.

I prayed.

then we hit rough weather.

I prayed some more.

Apparently I prayed too hard.

When we landed in Denver we rushed over to Mama Altie’s gate….only to hear that her flight from Dallas had not even left the ground yet.  (by the way, just TRY rushing through any airport these days with a stroller.  it’s an adventure)

Weather and mechanical difficulties in Dallas.

alrighty then.

We now have a tired, hungry baby. A tired, but compliant mommy, and a frustrated Martin.

I won’t bore you with the catalogue of our loooong evening in the Denver airport, but let’s just say that we still had many more hours to go before we had finally collected everyone and everything and gotten in the car on the way to the cabin.  All in all we spent 12 hours on Friday in the airport.

I am so glad I took the pony tail down.  It may have saved lives.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as planned.


Except for the TWO INCHES OF HAIL. In Boulder, CO. in June.  On the way to the airport.  Which delayed our leaving Denver and resulted in us landing back in Atlanta at 1:30 a.m.

but, hey we met the Life University Rugby Team on the plane.

and Ginny slept beautifully for most of both the flight out and the flight back.

And I won something from AllKidsFurniture! An outdoor table for Ginny to play at from Missy over at It’sAlmostNaptime.

So basically life is good and I’m glad to be home.


4 thoughts on “well hail did freeze over…

  1. You had an adventure, didn’t you-for sure! I didn’t realize you had a little one. That is such a blessing to be a mom, isn’t it? I’m glad you were able to take your hair down too, I get headaches from ponytails too if I’ve had them in all day. Blessings to you,



  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i’m sooooooooooo sorry………

    Well Ginny did really well. But I’m home now and trying to get her normal schedule reestablished. Poor thing does not sleep in airports. She sleeps on the plane just fine, but not in the busy airport with so much to look at.


  3. Um, will you still love me if I tell you I was smiling as I read about your airport adventure?
    Not laughing at you – just smiling.
    Because when I am in a frustrating situation like that, even though its painful at the time I know it will make for a great story later.
    See? Blog fodder! LOL
    Glad you made it through and had a nice weekend!

    Martin even turned to me at one point and said “this is bloggable, right? cause that makes it all worthwhile”
    I love my hubby!


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