looking up

I’ve been thinking a lot about photography lately.  I’m working on developing a relationship with a photographer that I am hoping will be taking photos of Ginny and of us for years to come.  Probably at least four sessions a year.  And with all that focus in my head I’ve been looking more closely at poses.

And something hit me.

Did you ever notice that people are more beautiful when they are looking up?      First of all I’m not talking about exagerated poses here.  I’m talking about the difference between someone standing looking down at a person sitting behind a desk (that’s looking down) and the perspective of the person looking up at the guest (that’s the looking up).

try an experiment.

Get someone with a digital camera to take three photos of you.

1. looking up at them

2. looking down at them

3. looking forward at them

which one do you like best?

the best photos of me EVER are ones where I am looking slightly up.

misc photos 017


Narcissistic of me eh?

well I’m not bringing this up to make some personal beauty point or to tell you how to look best in photographs.

I think it has a spiritual application.

I think we all look best when we are in a servant position.  When we deliberately subordinate ourselves and put others “above” us.

Maybe that’s one reason children are so adorable, …..they are always looking up.  And as a child of God,  shouldn’t my attention, my spiritual eyes be turned towards Him?

Haven’t really decided where I’m going with this.  Maybe just that there is one more reason to be focused on God:  we are beautiful in His sight.

and from His angle.


One thought on “looking up

  1. Hey Deirdre:)

    I like this post and the new blog name for sure! Looking up to Him like the children of the King that we are, we are looking to Him to meet our every need, and calm our every fear.

    Blessings to you today,



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