10 months and counting

Ginny is 10 months old today.


She has a single tooth coming through her upper gums.  She has waved bye-bye, said  “a-done” when she was done with her lunch one day, and she is starting to really understand hugs as being different from someone just holding her.

Her favorite game is let me hold your hands and walk endlessly around the room.  This game can only be played by one adult and Ginny at a time.  Which is good.  Cause it is backbreaking.  Cute though.

Ginny’s second favorite game is to stand at her little “piano” and play it so she can dance (well, bounce in place and laugh.  But that’s dancing when you are only 10 months old).  It is actually a LeapFrog brand toy that encourages the development of motor skills.  Not to mention giggles.  It definitely develops the giggle reflex.


The reason I finally caved in and bought it is because the music it makes is very jazz oriented, so it doesn’t make me insane.  Most other kids toys/noisemakers make me want to go ….well…not to put too fine a point on it…somewhat postal.

I actually kinda like this toy.

But that’s not why I’m posting today.

I’m posting because we have new photos of Ginny.

ginnytophatcolor small

There are many that I can’t post.  She does have to forgive me for these someday after all…but this one is my all time favorite.

bw martin and ginny small



4 thoughts on “10 months and counting

  1. Totally agreeing with you on the kids toys’ sounds!
    My kids used to have a little puppy that played “Jesus Loves Me” when you squeezed its paw. Cute enough.
    But one day I think one of the kids made a permanent connection in that little paw when they climbed into the toybox. (Stepped on the puppy, I’m guessing.) Because the song played over and over and over and over…
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the song! But endlessly???
    Needless to say, I removed the battery!

    LOVE the pic of Ginny and Daddy!


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