we have a water baby

I already knew Ginny liked the water.  She loves to be held in the bath, tummy up and floated around the tub.  She loves to splash.  She even liked sitting in our neighbor’s little water play mat.  She has never shown the slightest fear of water.

But none of that was a guarantee that she would enjoy an actual pool.

Sunday evening we took her to a birthday party for a friend of ours who is turning seven.  Jessie wanted a pool party in the evening.  from 6 to 9 p.m.    Great!  What a perfect chance to introduce Ginny to the water.   Not too hot.  Not to much sun to worry about.

So we went.  i should probably let the photos tell the rest of the story:

what IS this stuff daddy?

what IS this stuff daddy?

hey mommy, watch this!

hey mommy, watch this!

I can blow bubbles!

I can blow bubbles!

Ginny just ducked her face right into the water.  THAT scared us half to death, let me tell you.  But she was perfectly fine.  We do need to work on blowing bubbles more in the bath.  This child has no fear!

The one thing I hadn’t thought about was that she would be cold after getting out of the water with no sun to warm her up.  Fortunately I had brought a terry cloth sleeper.  So we dried her off, and got her in the sleeper quickly.  She had so much fun.  We are gonna have to figure out how to join up somewhere that has a pool we can use regularly.  Ginny will be 16 for the 2024 Olympics, so we’d better start training now eh?


3 thoughts on “we have a water baby

  1. Hi there! You commented on my blog several months ago (via Missy, I believe) and I’ve been meaning to say hello ever since. I’ve enjoyed reading about you and your sweet Ginny. I think she and my daughter Helena actually look a little bit alike. I’ll be back!

    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for commenting.


  2. What! No bikini? You disappoint me, woman.


    It’s a swim team thing. The majority of my time in the water has been in racing mode over the years, so that’s what I’m conditioned to. I look at women in bikinis and the first thought that runs through my head is “but they can’t swim energetically in THAT


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