ginny’s first date

This weekend we had plans.

as you know, plans change.

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day spent puttering around the house.  Getting some things done that have been waiting for us for a while…..starting with our home office which desperately needs to be dug out again.


We got up Saturday and realized we had just one errand we needed to do first: Martin wanted to go pick up his wedding ring from the jeweler.  It was in for a repair that has taken 8 months (!!!!)

Then I just happened to mention that I needed to go to a friend’s farm that is an hour away from our house to pick up a bunch of figs and tomatoes that they had waiting for me.  I never turn down free figs if I can help it.

Then we realized that if we were going to the farm, we might as well plan to meet up with some other friends that live down there in that area and pass on to them some more of Ginny’s baby clothes that will fit their little boy.  We routinely pass Ginny’s stuff on to others.  Henson gets all her unisex and boy-ish clothing and our church gets all the girly stuff.

So the day that was going to be a relaxing romp through our file cabinets, ended up being a long day out and about.

But the end was so worth it.  the ring was ready, the farm visit was a real pleasure (hi Trish!)  and Henson’s mommy and daddy are dear friends of ours that we don’t see nearly as often as we want.

But the highlight of the evening was watching Henson and Ginny get to know one another.  Henson’s daddy snapped photos the whole time.  We looked at them and realized we had a story-line.  Michael showed me how to make it into a little movie and I posted my very first youtube video.


By the way, I have SERIOUS camera envy now.  I love Michael’s camera.  *sigh*


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