let’s table that one

once upon a time Missy had a give-a-way.

I entered, and then forgot about it.

I had a really bad weekend and came back from it, to find a post in my in box telling me I had won!


The item arrived and I have been promising Missy forever that I would get some really cute photos of Ginny outside with the item (a little tykes table set).  I even had plans to use it as part of a photo shoot we have set up with a professional photographer.  But the session keeps getting put off, and it is so hot out that Ginny rarely goes outside for long. In short I kept putting off the taking of casual photos of Ginny with the prize table.

but you can only put off friends for so long.  So last night the stars all lined up.

We arrived home during the golden hour of twilight where almost all photographs come out perfectly.  The lighting is just soft and wonderful

Ginny was in a reasonable mood.

Ginny was wearing shoes.

Ginny was not covered in her dinner.

The camera was in the car.

Everything was perfect….well alright, Ginny didn’t have a bow in her hair, and there was one little spot of bird droppings on the table, but not everything in life is just going to spontaneously line up every time.

So anyway, we deemed the time right to snap a few photos and here they are.

approaching the table

approaching the table

for me?

for me?

mine. all mine.

mine. all mine.

such a big girl now!

such a big girl now!

by the way, she is going to turn ONE on August 29th and she is already 29 inches tall.  Never having had a baby in my life before, I have no idea….is this tall for an 11 month old?

Anyway, thank you Missy and your random number generator, for winning us this table.  Ginny and our neighbor kids love it already.  I can’t wait to have alfresco meals out there when it gets a little cooler.


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