Ginny’s First Birthday

Story and Photos will come soon.  But for now I wanted to let you know that there are two videos up of Ginny demolishing her cake.

Here’s the short one

and the longer one is at


oh, and my apologies to Missy.  I didn’t put a bow in Ginny’s hair for the cake scene.  She has a bow on later, after the cake has been washed off and she is opening presents.


5 thoughts on “Ginny’s First Birthday

  1. Oh my goodness! That is so cute! And I -totally- love that she’s sharing!

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl (and congrats to her beautiful Mommy!)

    It didn’t show up on either film, but she actually fed me, my mom and Martin pieces of her cake. And she offered it to other people too, but they weren’t brave enough to eat from her sticky hands. 😉


  2. If I had been there, I certainly would have taken a piece of cake when offered by Ginny. I know how delicious my sister’s cake is. I believe that’s carrot cake precious Ginny is offering. Precious, just preciousl


    Aunt Juanita


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