ginny’s first day of “school”

Just a few short pics of Ginny on her first day at the ELP (Early Learning Program) at our church.

This is a two day-a-week, just 4 hours a day program that will allow Ginny to interact with other kids more, and get to play with toys that we don’t have around the house.  She will also get to hear Bible stories in a group environment and get to play on playground equipment that we don’t have at home.

key things about her first day:

  • She seemed to enjoy the toys and she is very good at sharing voluntarily. Not so good if the other kid just comes up and grabs.
  • Ginny has no idea what to do with crayons, glue sticks or little bits of colored tissue paper.
  • She is the youngest in the classroom, but she doesn’t seem too far behind and in some ways is more advanced than the other kids.
  • We enjoyed meeting some other parents and kids.
  • and the biggest advance for the day?  Ginny left her bow alone and kept it on for a WHOLE HOUR !!!!!


oh we learned our lesson finally.  We don’t put her shoes or her bow on till after we arrive at our destination.    The shoes go on while she is still strapped in to her car seat and the bow goes on right as she is being lifted out of the car seat and is thus distracted.  This strategy seems to be working.


One thought on “ginny’s first day of “school”

  1. We never put Ethan’s shoes on until we get somewhere either. He not only takes them off, but sometimes they end up hitting big brother’s head. 😉

    She’s getting so big !!!


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