hither, thither and yon

Less than a month ago I posted about Ginny taking a few unsupported steps.  Now?

she is walking all over the place.

Until I got this priviledge of watching a person learn to walk I never really appreciated how complex it is.

It’s not just about walking in straight lines.  You have to manage all the minute balance adjustments that go with stopping, changing direction, turning, reaching, bending down.  It has really been wonderfully fun to participate in this process with Ginny.

The video below is just a small sampling of what we do in the evenings now: we play on the floor with Ginny.  Helping her enjoy the process of walking and continue to be challenged by it while keeping it fun.  So for all our friends who wonder why we have dropped off the face of the earth….well this is it.  We are in love with Ginny.  For us, there is no event, no movie, no party or project on earth  that compares to this simple joy.

Thank you Lord (and Mel & Stevie) for our beautiful baby girl.


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