somewhere there is a man…..

Somewhere there is a man…

Who is cursing my name.

How do I know?  Well.  There is a story.

A couple of weeks ago Atlanta had a flood. You may have heard about it.  Creeks and rivers washed over bridges, roads fell apart.  Every where if a road was low lying, it was swamped.

Two days after the flood, the bridge near my mom’s house was closed.  We went the other way.  With construction supplies.  Not to fix the bridge, but to work on kitchen cabinets for my mom.

We got there and did lots of work.  We worked up an appetite.  But no one felt like cooking.  So we ordered Chinese.  Pork Egg Fu Yung and Broccoli Beef if anyone really wants to know.  I was very specific when I called in the order.

“The bridge is OUT from one direction, but if you go this other way – which I will tell you about – the bridge doesn’t come into play at all so your driver will be safe”

Placed order.  Saved driver trouble and hassle of finding his own way to the house.  Gave credit card number.  Good deed for the day done. Supported local business AND saved a life.  Make that TWO good deeds.  Yay me.

Go back to fixing mother’s cabinets.

45 minutes later.

My father wanders out to the mailbox.  I didn’t pay attention.  He was headed out there to leave a brown paper bag filled with clothes for some donation thing he was donating to.  He is always donating stuff.  And no matter how many times we give him sweaters and warm socks he never seems to have enough.  I have my suspicions about that…

Anyway.  My father quietly slipped out of the house to walk down the long driveway.  It is gravel and perhaps a tenth of a mile long.

By the way, since the driveway is gravel, I figure I’ll hear the delivery person when they drive up.  Instead I hear the phone ring.  It’s the delivery guy.

He wants to know where we are located.

I tell him (again) what corner we are on.  He tells me where he turned.  I tell him he is on the wrong side of the bridge (that is out) he will need to turn around, go back to the main street and…

He hung up on me!

Oh well.  I guess he’ll figure it out.

About five minutes later my father walks in the door with our food and a receipt. …….an unsigned receipt.

Apparently the delivery guy decided not to go around as instructed.  He held our order up high and Walked across the dangerous bridge to bring us our food!

Then the poor guy encountered my father.  Who tried to hand him a bag of old clothes.  Daddy thought this was the guy coming to collect donations apparently.  I REALLY wish I could have been a witness to that dialogue!

The poor delivery guy finally got my dad to take the food, and the receipt.  And then my dad just walked back to the house.  Without signing the receipt or tipping the guy or anything!  I was horrified.  Here this guy had braved flood waters and a downed bridge to bring me my food and we didn’t give him anything!

So I called the restaurant and asked if I could do the tip over the phone.  You would not believe how hard it was to convince them to let me do that tip!  I even told them the story and had to talk to three separate people before they finally allowed me to add the tip over the phone.

So that was three good deeds for the day.  Though one was self defense really – I didn’t want this poor brave driver cursing my name for all eternity!


2 thoughts on “somewhere there is a man…..

  1. Wow, Deirdre, that’s a story right there! I hope he’s okay now that he has his tip:)

    Thanks for your tips on my blog, I am taking notes:)



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