ginny at 13 months

Ginny at 13 months is….


She giggles, she pretends to read (and turns pages really well), she loves to romp and wrestle and dance and clap.  Her new favorite food is cheese toast.  oh wow does this girl like cheese toast.  I think she would live on it if we would let her.

Words so far are Mama, Papa, Eyes, Nose, Puppy, Kitty, Iss?  (we think it means “what is it?” as she ususally uses that word when pointing at something new.  And seems happy when we tell her what it is “that is a couch”

She still finds European soccer to be soothing (crowd noise is a continuous drone) and American football to be interesting. though she doesn’t have favorite teams yet.

Here are some recent photos

ginny and MAK

ginny and MAK

For some reason Ginny is not as interested in her bear these days.  She has taken a sudden liking to Martin’s ancient Paddington Bear, but MAK is not really her “best friend” right now.  I’m waiting for the day when she picks him up and walks around with him.

playing in the leaves with daddy

playing in the leaves with daddy

Daisy, Martin & Ginny

Daisy, Martin & Ginny

This is our neighbor’s dog.  She is very sweet and Ginny likes to visit her.

And NO.  No matter what it looks like, Ginny is not picking her nose in this shot.  She is sucking her finger.

Ginny & Martin

Ginny & Martin

I loved this shot.  From an artsy kinda of perspective.

Ginny & Mommy

Ginny & Mommy

This is probably a horrible thing to say, but I love how this shot makes me look a little bit thinner than I have been looking recently.

okay, and Ginny was giggling like a maniac.

making faces at Daddy

making faces at Daddy

I probably shouldn’t have taught her that.  But it was just too much fun.  I love how she is trying to stick her little tongue out.  And is it just too ironic that the best photo of my face in months I happen to have my tongue stuck out at my hubby?  weird.

Can you tell we enjoy our baby girl just a little bit?


4 thoughts on “ginny at 13 months

  1. Cute photos as usual of Ms. Ginny! Deirdre you look like you have lost weight! Way to go girl!!!! Keep it up!!

    I just weighed in at the doc’s last night and I haven’t lost weight – still hovering at 175. but I feel better. and I got back on the bike last night.


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